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Dogtown and Clawson

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  • 2847 Peralta St Oakland 94608, United States - Clawson
    Dumping, garbage, motor be home parts, oil, curb TV and trash bags from illegally parked RV. Please enforce our city codes. Law abiding residence should Kent have to endure the s wrath. Notice the camper in front that has never been a public nuisance.
  • 3130 Mandela Parkway Oakland, California - Clawson
    See attached 8/19/2081 photo. Graffiti (blue paint) is on the northeastern side of the planter.
  • 3413 Linden St Oakland 94608, United States - Clawson
    Owner of this truck leasing the lot at corner of 34th Street and San Pablo and currently running construction company from this site and dumping all his construction garbage here with help of the homeless living behind this truck on the corner In a van that his garbage surrounding the van is in the middle of the street and expands 3 cars lengths . Yesterday I stopped Opd Officers and they talked to black man living in the van to stop dumping and moving the truck. He promised to clean up. As you can see carpet and other trash still is behind the truck from truck owner construction site. This is been going on for while, this construction company pay this homeless to dump his construction trash here or surrounding streets.
  • 1304 Fitzgerald St Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Clawson
    Seemly the homeless encampment in Fitzgerald Park has moved and left behind is trash on the corner of Fitzgerald and Peralta plus throughout the Park located between Fitzgerald and 34th Street.
  • 1555 32nd Street Apt 1, Oakland, California - Clawson
    Okay here we go again. Guess you are going to wait until a person or a family pet gets killed. Cars are speeding through the 4-way stops between Peralta and Mandela on 32nd Street. This whole nonsense of having to apply is a bunch of BS. Are you Trying to get people killed??!!
  • Corner Of 34th Street And Linden Street Oakland, California - Clawson
    RVs parked on 34th Street at Linden Street for months. They need to be removed. The people living in them are leaving their trash/junk on the street.
  • 1617 32nd St Oakland 94608, United States - Clawson
    Couch and vacuum blocking the sidewalk on 32nd Street.
  • 1170 30th St Oakland, CA 94608, USA - McClymonds
    2 guys rolled up yesterday in a car at 6:30pm- broad daylight on a Monday- and tagged this wall. license plate 3wja281.
  • 3331 Linden St Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Clawson
    rv on street has not moved in over 1 year. trash and debris now piled against rv for 5', projecting into street causing traffic to swerve into oncoming lane to go around. THIS IS S SAFETY HAZARD AND OAKLAND IS IGNORING IT.
  • 34th St Oakland 94608, United States - Clawson
    A pick up truck plate number 10099J1
    Illegally dumped garbage here. Area is a cross walk for pedestrians and constantly being used for illegally dumping. I have a video of the person doing it.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    1324 Fitzgerald St Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Clawson
    Homeless encampment growing on both sides of the street. I no longer feel safe to walk down the street, when I used to do so frequently. Not only is there clear drug-dealing going on, but with the coronavirus spreading this is even that much more unsafe to have several people gathering around on public space with several people coming by to buy their drugs.
  • 3326 Chestnut St Oakland 94608, United States - Clawson
    This house been left by the builders half done for over a year. The fence is not secure and people are coming and going, sleeping here, storing items including vehicles.