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Dogtown and Clawson

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  • 3529-3547 Peralta St Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Clawson
    Sidewalk caught fire from tents and trash from the fire is strewn about. There is about a fire a month and the city still allows the situation to remain.
  • 2838-2848 Ettie Street Oakland, California - Clawson
    Dumped items in unpaved sidewalk public right-of-way area on east side of Ettie Street, between the Moss and Ealing Lane driveways (opposite).
  • 1304 Fitzgerald St Oakland 94608, United States - Clawson
    There is an Homeless Encampment in Fitzgerald Park again alone with drugs transactions/activity taking place again. Plus loud music throughout the day, evening and night. There is signage posted that the park should be vacated after 10:00. This is truly unfair to the residents who are trying to live normal lives. I can understand accommodating the homeless but to have to put up with drug activity, which seemly this encampment has brought to us over night.
  • 1601-1671 34th St Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Clawson
    Lots of trash including a tire and green waste blocking the sidewalk
  • 34th St Oakland 94608, United States - Clawson
    A pick up truck plate number 10099J1
    Illegally dumped garbage here. Area is a cross walk for pedestrians and constantly being used for illegally dumping. I have a video of the person doing it.
  • 3131 Union St Oakland 94608, United States - McClymonds
    Man dragging a couch to the corner of Poplar Park. Black SUV licence plate UPRKUT
  • 2847 Peralta St Oakland 94608, United States - Clawson
    Dumping, garbage, motor be home parts, oil, curb TV and trash bags from illegally parked RV. Please enforce our city codes. Law abiding residence should Kent have to endure the s wrath. Notice the camper in front that has never been a public nuisance.
  • 34th St & Linden St Oakland, CA, 94608, USA - Clawson
    Piles out of control - how long do neighbors have to wait for the city to act and clean this up.
  • 3130 Mandela Parkway Oakland, California - Clawson
    See attached 8/19/2081 photo. Graffiti (blue paint) is on the northeastern side of the planter.
  • 1304 Fitzgerald St Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Clawson
    Seemly the homeless encampment in Fitzgerald Park has moved and left behind is trash on the corner of Fitzgerald and Peralta plus throughout the Park located between Fitzgerald and 34th Street.
  • 1555 32nd Street Apt 1, Oakland, California - Clawson
    Okay here we go again. Guess you are going to wait until a person or a family pet gets killed. Cars are speeding through the 4-way stops between Peralta and Mandela on 32nd Street. This whole nonsense of having to apply is a bunch of BS. Are you Trying to get people killed??!!
  • 3131 Peralta St Oakland 94608, United States - Clawson
    This RV has been here for at least a month. It’s location is right in front of a bus stop, which creates a hazard. The bus can’t pull fully onto the side of the street and the RV prevents bus riders from seeing oncoming traffic.