South Framingham D8

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Watching issues created after: 2018-01-24

Roughly District 8 in south Framingham


  • 66 Pratt St Framingham 01702, United States - Framingham
    Trash cans and recycling bins left in the street. Should be on sidewalk.
  • Cedar St Framingham, MA - Framingham
    For the past few weeks numerous vehicles are parking during the day and overnight without resident stickers.
    Is there no longer parking patrol officers?
  • 3 Arlington Place Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Multiple barrels still full
  • 95 Cedar St Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Two trees in my Roof needs two be removed
  • 12 Draper Road Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Please clean up silt on edge of road and driveways
  • 115 Alexander Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Apparently someone had an accident and smashed into my fence on Alexander Street - there is debris all over the sidewalk. There is also a cone there that was left by DPW the last time a tree limb fell in the Spring.
  • 155/157 Cedar St Framingham, MA - Framingham
    There are 2 trucks that have been sitting in the back of the yard for months without moving. There is other debris in the yard as well as tires and other things in the driveway.
  • Pratt St Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Someone dumped a brown couch on the side walk last week and its still there
  • Harmony Lane Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    The top and middle of Harmony lane has once gain come apart with the pot holes. It's pretty bad on the cars. Can we have these filled?
  • 157 Irving Street Framingham, MA - Framingham
  • Si Archived
    96 Cedar Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
  • 503 Hollis St Framingham 01702, United States - Framingham