South Framingham D8

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Roughly District 8 in south Framingham

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  • 35 Eames St Framingham 01702, United States - Framingham
    White work van parked in wrong side of street
  • 70 Arlington St Framingham 01702, United States - Framingham
    The corner of Arlington and Pratt is extremely dangerous. The snow has packed into ice and cars can’t stop and slide into Arlington street. Salt is needed to make this intersection safe for drivers.
  • 10 Pratt St Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    pot holes in front of 10 Pratt st
  • 417 Waverly St Framingham 01702, United States - Framingham
  • 7 Highland St Framingham, MA 01702, USA - Framingham
    residents upstairs (7 highland street) keep drianing dirty laundry water and polluting my yard. smelly and sticky water. that ends up flooding the basement, and others property. neighbors spoke the the residents. Nothing was solved. I need someone to take a look at this.
  • 6 Andrews Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Hi, I just had a woman came by asking for a copy of my electric bill (to grantee lower price), but she also claimed she was working for the City of Framingham( not for any other energy company). I quickly wanted to verify the story.
    If she is lying, I wanted to make sure people hear about it.
    Thank you.
  • 235 Irving Street - Framingham
    Missed pickup
  • 14 Eames St Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    a skeleton crew is working today and a larger crew comes late in the day and on the weekends obviously to avoid the inspection dept
  • Naples St framingham, mass - Framingham

    Every day mon - fri between 7 - 7:30 am and varuos other time during the day this black Hyundai MA reg# 8CW624 goes the wrong way on naples street. The person driving the car is Jarvier Santiago 22 bridges st framingham. His driveway is at the top of Naples st. My children play in this area and get very frightened when he wips around the corner the wrong way on to Naples from Bridges. st the children don't expect a car to come that way because its a one way . Before someone gets hurt something has to be done. You can view this happen mon - fri 7 - 7:30 by sitting in back of Walgreens or the adjacent parking lot and watching Naples st.

    Thank You
    Concerned Citizen

  • 37 Arlington Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    As a resident of 37 Arlington street we have major issues with Vans with commercial plates parking on the street for extended periods of time making it very dangerous for the people who live here to pull in and out of driveways because traffic can not see people pulling out and the people pulling out can not see on coming traffic. There are nights when there are a dozen of them and some of them do not move for weeks
  • 20 Coburn St Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    Illegal salon being run out of owners 1st floor apartment.
  • 1-21 Eames St Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    illegal dumping of old furniture mattresses and tv sets