Hoover-Foster Neighbors of Oakland

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Watch Area for the Neighborhood of Hoover-Foster in West Oakland. Borders include San Pablo, Telegraph, Grand and 36th Street. Let's work together!

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  • 3407 Elm St Oakland, CA, 94609, USA - Pill Hill
    Again there are tents going up on the other side of street under pass. as well as a couch and broken down vehichles! I have several pictures of all the garbage you have not removed. Telegraph is a major historical street in Oakland. This is a business area , not some warehouse dock!
  • Market St Oakland 94608, United States - Hoover-Foster
    Market Street underpass between 35 and 36 th Streets. Big horrible continuous dump.
    Each corner. Both sides.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    29th St Oakland 94609, United States - Pill Hill
    This section under 980 has been declared a no camping zone but still tents pop up every few months because the city is no diligent about enforcement. Encampments and illegal dumping problems tend to go hand in hand, when the city neglects the cleanliness of the underpass, the rest of the community takes notice and decides to double down on trashing the place.
  • 568 29th St Oakland CA 94609, United States - Pill Hill
    The list of illegal activity that homeless people are given a ‘pass’ for continues to grow! First it’s drug use, trespassing on private property, theft, and now ARSON. Oakland PD refuses to investigate the fire under the 29th underpass the week, and no arrests will be made. From the responses I get on this site, it’s starting to look like the only bleeding hearts who think leaving people to live on the street is acceptable, are the ones who work for the city who refuse to do anything about the situation we’re all forced to suffer through. This city has been destroyed by the people paid to ‘govern’ it.
  • 604 23rd St Oakland, CA, 94612, USA - Northgate

    There is a lot of garbages need to be cleaned. I saw many mice at night. I'm afraid there will be diseases.

    I also have my own works to make a living. I hate to spend a lot of time to push you to do so little works. The government is so passive. They are never passive in receiving salaries.

  • 607-23rd Street Oakland, California - Northgate
    A Camper Trailer is illegally parked in 607 23rd Street driveway. It completely blocks the sidewalk and sticks out over 3 feet into the street. It dangerous because I almost hit it driving out of a street parking space. Handicap wheel chairs can not pass on the sidewalk.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    I-980 W Oakland 94609, United States - Pill Hill

    Tents are popping up in the underpass again.

    Lots of illegal dumping here too.

  • 2303 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Oakland

    burnt ashes and debris from tent encampment fire needs to be removed

    i know this is a -hot- topic

  • 991–999 34th St Oakland 94608, United States - Hoover-Foster
    Large amount of trash at the corner of San Pablo and 34th.
  • 600 W Grand Ave Oakland CA 94612, United States - Northgate
    Frequently found illegally discarded needles on sidewalks at NW corner of W Grand and Northgate. There were a total of 12 needles today!!
  • 800-888 35th St Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Hoover-Foster
    There's a burned out RV that has horrible fumes that fill the tunnel and blow out into a residential neighborhood. It's also a bike lane and makes biking there extremely difficult and unpleasant.
  • 3200–3204 Market St Oakland 94608, United States - Hoover-Foster
    White woman driving a U-haul, Arizona license plate: AG40622 dumped furniture in front of empty lot at the corner of 32nd & Market. I asked what she was planning on doin with it, claimed someone would pick it up and drive off once I took a picture. No one picked it up.