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  • 2177-2201 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    On morning of 10/22/18, left turn signal from westbound Mass Ave onto westbound Rindge Avenue was not working.
  • 1922 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge 02140, United States - North Cambridge
    Please repaint the crosswalks on Mass Ave near Porter Square. It’s been weeks since the road was repaved, and now holiday madness is upon us. It’s already too dangerous to cross the road, and it’s only going to get worse. The city is at risk of a lawsuit, or worse. The crosswalks need to be put in NOW.
  • Massachusetts Avenue And Cameron Ave Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge

    The overlapping signals, while I am sure are important to reduce vehicle congestion, are dangerous at this intersection. This morning my 3 yo son and I were inches from a bumper. We were in the crosswalk at the end of Cameron and a left turning vehicle from Massachusetts avenue onto Cameron screeched to a stop inches from us. The driver looked irritated that we were in his way. I am grateful we are alive. We had the crossing light. He had a green.

    We regularly have these types of problems crossing this intersection, but this is by far our closest call. We use this intersection to get to and from daycare. I dread crossing it.

    The overlapping signals during morning rush hour put pedestrians and vehicles in conflict. This is dangerous to do during rush hour when drivers are already rushed and frustrated. Signage warning to yield to pedestrians doesn't (and cannot) succeed in calming drivers adequately for this design to be safe.

  • 820 Somerville Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge

    The temporary walkway on Somerville Ave adjacent to the commuter rail tracks lacks accessible ramps/detour signage and protection from cars on this high-traffic roadway directly adjacent to the Porter Square T station.

    The sidewalk is also closed across the street for the Target construction, but they have offered better protection for pedestrians and temporary ramps for accessibility.

  • Alewife Station Access Road Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    This morning one of the two Yates Pond swans was killed on the Alewife Station Access Road. Drivers, after being stuck in the traffic jam which is the Route 2 eastbound offramp have tunnel vision impatience to get to the Alewife Station and Cambridge Park Drive garages. The pedestrian crosswalk barely slows many of them down. It's only a matter of time before a pedestrian is hit. The Alewife Reservation is on both sides of the Access Road. The swan that was killed this morning was not the first wildlife death on this road. The only thing that will slow drivers down to the speed limit is a couple of speed bumps.
  • 156 Rindge Ave Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    drivers at the "new" all way stop between Middlesex Cedar and Rindge streets don't seem to understand that the rules have changed there despite all the warning signs you've put. I've seen people on Rindge repeatedly drive through in the afternoon as if it wasn't there, putting pedestrians and drivers in danger. anything else you can do, like add some pedestrians priority signs? anything you can coordinate with Cambridge police? thanks
  • 146-150 Alewife Brook Pkwy Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge

    Dear Cambridge Traffic Parking and Transportation Staff,

    I wanted to alert you to the traffic situation that has been created by the new "No Turn On Red" sign at the intersection of Rindge Ave and Alewife Brook Parkway. Since that sign has been installed, during high traffic-volume times, traffic is now backing up from Alewife Brook Parkway all the way back to Mass Ave. That's nearly a mile of cars sitting in traffic barely moving.

    This is also causing traffic to back up onto the side streets that feed onto Rindge Ave.

    This adversely effects commuters, school buses, pedestrians, children on their way to school, crossing guards, curbside collection workers, and people with air quality issues.

    I left my house at 7:30 this morning, and traffic was already backed up nearly to Mass Ave because of that new sign.

    I'm hopeful you can remove the sign and find another pedestrian safety solution at that intersection that doesn't back up traffic so badly.

    Thanks very much for considering this.

    Freedom Baird
    20 Reed Street
    Cambridge, MA
    c: 617-529-6744

  • Rice St & Rindge Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    The new three-way stop at Cedar/Rice Street and Rindge Avenue is run constantly by drivers who do not realize that Rindge Avenue now has stop signs at that intersection. The brief presence of "New Traffic Pattern" signage has been ineffective. Flashing lights on the stop signs would be a major improvement to visibility and reduce the number of near-collisions at the location.
  • Clifton Place Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    Cambridge Housing Authority's (CHA's) redeveloped Jefferson Park (JP) is now being occupied. Clifton Street, which is one way south coming out to Rindge Ave has been extended into JP as a one way extension that loops around and exits JP heading north onto Rindge Ave (making left or right turn with just a STOP sign) with a new name Clifton Place (?). These are two new intersections with Rindge Ave and ISD had issues temporary occupancy permits without any proper street signs or traffic signs in place.
    The sidewalk on the south side of Rindge Ave is heavily used by children going to/from the Peabody Elementary School and Rindge Ave Upper School. These children will be going back to school on 9/4, in just about 3 weeks, using Rindge Ave with two new, unfamiliar intersections in addition to nearby Jackson Place on the east and another road exiting from Brickworks Condos on the west. Not to mention new residents who maybe new to the neighborhood and are not used to the students' foot traffic.
    For the sake of children's safety, please coordinate efforts of all City departments involved and CHA to make sure all safety measures are in place (street signs, traffic signs, cross-walk striping, school crossing guards to name a few) so that the children will be able to negotiate these new changes safely.
    Also. please ensure the traffic light at Clifton Street/Clifton Place are timed properly for the children to cross safely.
    Thank you for your expedited action on this critical safety issue.
  • Cambridgepark Dr North Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge

    I timed my legal, with the signals traversal of this intersection passing from CPD (right hand side, only side with a sidewalk right now) to the T. It took 2 minutes and 25 seconds. I also came into conflict with several cars during this time - while the light for peds is white going over CPD, it's entirely blocked by cars turning left from Steel Place. One nearly hit me in the crosswalk.

    It's clear that crossing against the signals is both faster and safer. No wonder everyone jaywalks here. I still don't know, despite asking several times, whether the City, DCR, MBTA, or some other entity is responsible for signalling at this intersection, but this is a complete abdication of the responsibility to provide safe pedestrian infrastructure.

  • Matignon Rd Cambridge, MA - North Cambridge
    Cars use this street as a short cut from Mass Ave with speed > 20mph in spite of 2 schools on the st + one ederly home.
    Could you please install :
    • A raised crosswalk at the middle part of Matignon Rd
    • A speed trap
    Also it is getting harder and harder to park on the street for residents. Could you please enforce parking restriction ?
    Thank you for your help.
  • Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    The traffic pattern has apparently changed again and you can no longer turn left from the middle lane. There is a lightly spray painted arrow in the middle lane that gets blocked by the first 2 cars in the lane. Drivers still think you can go straight or turn left from the middle lane because there is no traffic sign to tell them it’s changed. Every day is a near accident because people are used to turning left from the middle lane. There needs to be better painted arrows on the road and clear signage to warn people. This is a brutal intersection