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  • 2822 Pittsfield Blvd. Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Section of sidewalk is sinking badly after water dept. repair earlier ,. Trip hazard. Please repair or have lifted.
  • Pothole repair Acknowledged
    2775 Bedford Rd Ann Arbor 48104, United States - Ann Arbor
  • 2473-2705 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA - Ann Arbor
    missing valve cover in road
  • Sign repair Acknowledged
    1011 South Main Street Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Is this supposed to be a stain glass sign or something?
  • Other issue Archived
    1401 W Washington St Ann Arbor, MI, 48103, USA - Ann Arbor
    A branch has fallen off the maple on Montgomery near W. Washington. The tree and branch are on the extension. Thanks.
  • Other issue Acknowledged
    1420 Burgundy Rd Ann Arbor, MI 48105, USA - Ann Arbor
    The truck thst csme out to vacuum the storm drain in the cul de sac drove up and back leaving 4 sets of deep ruts on our cul de sac. Firstly, the work should be scheduled when grass is dry and secondly, the storm drain access was just a few feet from the opposite side of the cul de sac. It would not have been necessary to drive more than a few feet onto the cul de sac instead of 40 or so back and forth. We are entitled to have more respect for our city park property thst is widely used in neighborhoods. Please look into filling the ruts with dirt and reseeding. Thank you.
  • 500 E William St Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA - Ann Arbor
    a fire department hose connection is dripping onto the sidewalk outside of Cottage Inn on William, causing ice across the sidewalk
  • 3622 Wellington Cross Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Street lights are off on Waldenwood from Earhart to Tremont.
  • 1301 Lutz Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA - Ann Arbor
    Big branch fell in the street. It needs to be picked up
  • Other issue Acknowledged
    Overridge Dr Ann Arbor, MI, 48104, USA - Ann Arbor
    In the area of Overridge/Glenwood there is a 8-9ft 6in in diameter tree branch partially in the roadway. Officer put cones around it and stated it can be handled during normal business hours
  • Sidewalk issue Acknowledged
    514 W Liberty St Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA - Ann Arbor

    On the north side of Liberty in the 500 block, there are numerous s/w flags that are tilted/displaced such that they do not drain after rains, or when snow melts. When the temperature decreases enough, these 4 or 5 areas freeze, causing a dangerous hazard for pedestrians. Even when unfrozen, these ponds force pedestrians to walk on the grass.

    I don't see how the property owners fronting these areas can be expected (per City Code) to clear their walks of ice, when there are 3 to 4-inch deep frozen ponds, caused by tilted sidewalks.

    Since the City is now responsible for s/w repair, it falls to the City to remedy this problem. I'm sure that there are other locations where this is occurring.

  • 2060 West Stadium Blvd Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Commercial dumpster from former Suburban Body Shop on north side of building needs to be relocated east near back of lot near existing shed so not to interfere with Zal Gaz Grotto charity car show scheduled Sep 29 Saturday. Normal pick up day is Thursday. Please request ASAP. thanks.