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  • 308 South Ashley Street Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Water has been leaking from a cap for a water source for days now. It's formed a frozen water hazard taking up a good chunk of the bike lane on Liberty at Ashley. This morning, cars were spinning their wheels trying to get through the light after having stopped.
  • 2731 Valley Dr Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA - Ann Arbor
    Valley Dr and the surrounding dirt roads are in terrible shape and the road needs to be graded or the holes need to be filled before winter takes greater toll.
  • 1881 West Liberty Street Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor

    We are replying to City who just “ closed” our pleas and petitions to move immediately to render ALL of Liberty Street Safe not just preferred homeowners and residents - we need action by Eberwhite Woods to West Stadium ON LIBERTY Street .

    (🛑 FYI - we brought the same concerns to the city 3 years ago about Fuller across Trimm Huron High and not until a child was KILLED / did they actually move to take action)

    We have voiced them again and again and here the city must respond and cannot just ignore us . Here is our response when they replied and then conveniently CLOSED the issue .


    ⬇️Response again to the anonymous “ city official “

    City of Ann Arbor (Unidentified City Official who posted anonymously) wrote:
    “Thank you for contacting the City regarding your concerns for pedestrian mobility. “

    🔸Answer : “ pedestrian mobility”??!!
    No “pedestrian SAFETY” especially our special needs citizens and children and seniors... our teenagers going to school and drivers who are at high risk of a severe car accident due to speeding .

    CITY (Unidentified City Official who posted anonymously):
    “ The location indicated in this item appears to be a mid-block location, approximately 300 feet west of the enhanced crosswalk at Virginia Ave. “

    🔸Answer: “ Mid-block “?!
    Wrong . This is not midblock as from Virginia Avenue to West Stadium there is NOTHING to slow down cars and trucks and semis ( who abuse tight here) which once can easily see is 4-5 blocks !!!!

    CITY (Unidentified City Official who posted anonymously)
    “This location is not indicated as a location for an additional major mid-block crossing in the City's non-motorized plan. “

    🔸Answer - Redo the plan folks. We have been asking for 3 YEARS with petitions and requests for traffic calming ignored . Be proactive . Telling us this is “ not indicated in the city’s non motorized plan“ is continuing to be deaf to the continued safety issues while the rest of Liberty is taken care of almost like preferred residents though we all pay the same taxes . BE PROACTIVE . No life or serious bodily injury is worth hindsight later. We will not be collateral damage .

    🔸We also recommend strongly a four stop sign 🛑 at Liberty and Dartmoor . We will not stop asking until action is taken even if it takes another 3 years .

    CITY ((Unidentified City Official who posted anonymously)
    “ The major mid-block crossings identified in the plan for the section of Liberty between Virginia and Stadium also includes an enhanced pedestrian crossing just west of Dartmoor. “

    🔸Answer : this is not even a clear answer and has nothing to do with safety issues or speeding or any of the concerns in our petitions . We are not impressed.

    CITY (Unidentified City Official who posted anonymously) :
    “Pavement marking maintenance staff have been notified of the request for pavement marking renewals, which will be seasonally restricted until spring. “

    🔸Answer : “ seasonally restricted until Spring “ !!

    How very convenient for painting the crosswalk now after asking for this specific fix for over a year . Wait until the next few dry days and just do it . No more excuses please. This fix is easy and only a small part of our concerns . In addition put flashing lights by the crosswalk that half exists by bus stop up across from McKinley Apts .

    CITY ((Unidentified City Official who posted anonymously):
    “ Requests for additional speed enforcement can be made through the AAPD's Traffic Complaint Questionnaire:

    🔸Answer: Please don’t push us elsewhere again or refer to police as the mayor did in June 2018 - we have done this numerous times and it’s tiring and we are just a bit fed up . Look at those records.

    CITY(Unidentified City Official who posted anonymously):

    “Staff are pleased to work with the Eberwhite School community regarding requests for improved access to the school. These requests are normally funneled through the school's safety committee and the district's Transportation Safety Committee.”

    🔸Answer - we are all one team and many Eberwhite parents have signed these petitions not wanting another child killed as happened on Fuller . Why not listen to us instead of re-directing us again ? We see what you are doing. Why not be “pleased” to work with us as well ?
    This stalling will cost the city money we can’t afford if anyone does get hurt or killed again. Take action now .

    🔸Finally you never addressed the speed signs 4 feet from one another encouraging vehicles to SPEED UP on Liberty towards West Stadium from 30-35 mph ( across from Eberwhite Woods where a quadriplegic young lady lives)

    🔸Your answer should also have included Ray Hess and Mayor Taylor being apprised and when the next city council meeting is on this. Even with my cancer, I will not be silent as I represent every concerned citizen who lives anywhere here on Liberty and does not want to see another fatality of a child or any resident in Ann Arbor because of your distractions and lack of prioritizing this issue.

    Alessandra Kellermann
    Representative for Neighborhood Petitions
    1881 West Liberty St
    Ann Arbor 48103

  • Other issue Acknowledged
    837 Miller Ave Ann Arbor 48103, United States - Ann Arbor
    There should be a left turn signal on Miller to turn onto seventh. It can take 3+ lights to make this turn in the morning because cars going into town often continue to come through on the yellow light.
  • S. Main St. And Others Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor

    Why are we paying hundreds of thousands, even millions of taxpayer dollars for new streets with potholes built-in? The failure of the contractor and city representative overseers to get service tower lids even with the new street surface is infuriating.

    Hitting one with a grade deficit of an inch or more at 30 or 35 miles an hour is quite jarring, an unnecessary shock to a vehicle's suspension, and detrimental for the road itself when breakage starts to occur around the lower-than-grade tower cover. Given all the advanced optical and laser technology available today, this condition is inexcusable.

    This problem is easy to fix. Somebody needs to care. Someone from the city needs to be designated to hold the contractor responsible for absolute levelness of road/service tower lids as well as that of any other infrastructure embedded in the roadway. We don't need to hire a "specialist" to do this job. Give one of our experienced road construction staff the authority and the responsibility to get us full measure for our tax dollar.

    I am pleased to note that it appears that you have targeted for correction the several "man-made potholes" on the recently completed S. Main street re-pave between Stadium and Scio Church.(Interesting to note that the re-pave on the north side of Main St. after Stadium was done without such defects.) I trust that we do not have to pay for the corrective measures.

    We have several road projects coming to completion soon: Scio Church, Pauline, Seventh Street, Crest are just some examples on my side of town. These are excellent projects that you can demonstrate a greater concern for getting the job done correctly and giving your tax payers and city visitors a smooth and safe driving experience. It's a shame that despite all the other things that might be done properly on a road job can be disregarded due to a lack of attention to this one final detail.

    My aching backside begs that you establish level roadway service tower lids as an ABSOLUTE standard expectation on all projects under your control.

  • 301-349 Glenwood St Ann Arbor, MI, 48103, USA - Ann Arbor
    The road is flooding, several pot holes, needs gravel!!!!
  • Other issue Archived
    1228 White St Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Congratulations that the city finally understands that there will be little, if any, street parking in this neighborhood the day after Thanksgiving. However, the street cleaning that was done was pathetic. There are still leaves crushed down and trash in the gutters after the 2 sweepers came through. The attached is an AFTER photo, not a before. Need to do a much better job or don't bother.
  • Other issue Archived
    1800 Baldwin Ave Ann Arbor 48104 United States - Ann Arbor
    Leaves deposited in bike lane on Stadium Boulevard create a safety hazard.
  • Other issue Archived
    1252 S State St Ann Arbor 48104, United States - Ann Arbor
    Bike lane snow-covered and treacherous.
  • 639 Barber Avenue Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    When I phoned the Road Maintenance on Mon. 12/3 I told them that just grading and putting down a layer of dirt will not fix the problem. Asked the clerk to put in the report that these many hazardous holes need to be filled in w/ stones, etc.
    So Tues 12/4 the truck came, threw on a layer of dirt and lightly graded. By afternoon the potholes were a problem again. This is our taxes at work?
  • 2779 Kimberley Rd Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA - Ann Arbor
    The road desperately needs regrading. When raining, the depth of pothole is masked and may result in broken axles or tires with current depth and count.
  • 412 East William St. Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Bad patches of ice on the sidewalk in front of property at 412 E. William.