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Enforcement Community Watch for the LakeShore/Lake Merrit Neighborhood

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  • 5457-5481 Claremont Avenue Oakland, California - Fairview Park
    This encampment doubles in size each week. This morning there was a belligerent homeless person "batting" garbage with a stick at people and traffic. It's dangerous. If we do not address this it will grow into a whole homeless village like so many other places throughout Oakland. This is next to a park where children play!
  • 946 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland, California - Cleveland Heights
    A stop sign in both directions, on MacArthur Blvd, next to the existing bus stops at Alma Ave.
    The stops will slow the increasingly fast pace of the cars in the long uninterrupted stretches of MacArthur from both directions, past the school, the pool, two churches, and dozens of residential properties.
    The cars GAIN speed, due to the wide open nature of the road, in both directions. The drivers do not even notice they are "opening it up", after climbing hills from each direction. Some drivers do know how fast they go, as this is a cute little way to avoid a portion of 580, and they hit 45-50mph, through our neighborhood and past the school and bus stops.
    We have been homeowners here 27 years and this problem truly needs to be addressed. A solution is SO simple and inexpensive. MacArthur at Alma is really a scary intersection for any pedestrian because cars are coming hard from each direction. Most drivers are real good about stopping for pedestrians, but many are not. Why not slow them all down. The responsible ones won't mind at all and the buses are already fairly often stopping there. Please help make our neighborhood safer.
    We have a petition signed by neighbors who agree with the need for two additional stop signs at this intersection.
    Thank you for your time and interest.
  • 1812 14th Street Oakland California - Prescott Oakland Point

    Abandoned vehicle. It is a totaled car that has been parked there for over a month.

    Please see attached photo. The car is wrecked, and I am not sure if it is even able to drive anywhere. Please tow it away, because it is taking space away from residents.

    This parking is not a junkyard; it should be for residents. With such little parking as is, having totaled cars on the limited spaces is very frustrating.

  • 1511 Prescott St Oakland 94607, United States - Prescott Oakland Point
    Homeless encampment popping up on Frontage and 16th St. Individuals have been seen creating and throwing garbage all over the place. Indication of drug usage. Encampment is right next to the Station House Community- where many families and children are living.
  • 895 53rd Street Oakland California - Santa Fe
    At the corner of 53rd and Market Street, there are two stop signs that are set TOO FAR from the actual corner on Market Street. Cars DO NOT SEE these stop signs, despite having blinking lights. In the past three days, I have seen FIVE cars blow through the stop sign. There is a school at this corner, with MANY children crossing, some without parents. This is also a family neighborhood, with lots of kids and strollers passing on their way to the nearby park. I personally have almost been hit with my stroller twice. Someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed at this intersection unless the stop signs are moved, or a stop light is put in. PLEASE address this pedestrian and traffic safety issue.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    2744 Mountain Blvd Oakland, California - Piedmont Pines
    The whole street (Mountain Blvd) between Ascot dr and Joaquin Miller dr is some many pot holes it’s an obstacle course. This has been going on for years. Now many are marked with red. If this means these are just going to be patched again, it’s a joke. It’s been patched so many times that’s it’s just a series on bumps with holes. For gods sake just repack the full street along highway 13.
  • 522 40th St Oakland, CA, 94609, USA - Temescal
    All of the street lights have been out on the north side of 40th street between the BART station and Telegraph Ave. There are also no street lights on the south side of 40th street due to construction - making this stretch very dark and unsafe for the many pedestrians commuting.
  • 851-899 Pine St Oakland, CA 94607, USA - Prescott Oakland Point
    Illegal sewage dumping on corner of 9th and Pine. This has become a regular 2-4 times a week occurrence and the smells are horrific. Can't seem to catch anyone in the act. Fecal matter is constantly blocking the top of the sewer grate. Thank you for your attention to the matter.
  • 3027 E 7th St. Oakland, California - South Kennedy Tract
    Many cars cut through E 7th St. from Fruitvale Ave to get to the onramp to the highway. There are no speed bumps or speed limit signs on the two blocks (Lancaster & Derby) preventing speeding. Cars are going over 25 MPH through residential areas to beat traffic.
  • 1649 28th Street Oakland California - Clawson
    Every 3 weeks this amount of dumping (see red circled area in attached 10/21/2018 photo) - over 30 feet in length and over 10 feet wide - accumulates directly across the street from homes. We use SeeClickFix to request cleanup but it seems like it has to reach gargantuan proportions before anything is done. Please at least install a NO DUMPING sign (it's more important that the "No Parking of Unattached Trailers" sign at blue arrow - so replace that sign or add to it with a NO DUMPING sign) so there is more basis to enforce.
  • 2205 Lakeshore Avenue Oakland, California - Lake Merritt
    This neighborhood is in dire need of restroom facilities in this location. There are NO restrooms in the park between the library and the amphitheater locations in the Lake Merritt Park area. Crowds gathering on weekends for the past several weeks are making a negative impact on neighborhood yards (pubic urination) and the bathroom of Leaning Tower of Haddon Hill Pizza one block away. LT has one toilet for patrons only. With heavy use of the Park on weekends, attendees are making aggressive and hostile demands to use this bathroom and when refused, the owner has been assaulted, there is public urination outside the restaurant and business has gotten negative Yelp reviews. City of Oakland HELP resolve this problem before next weekend with Porta-potties at least, and make plans for another public restroom in this location. Thank you (from many concerned neighbors)
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    462-498 Bellevue Avenue Oakland, California - Lake Merritt
    There has been a 2 person (2 tents) homeless encampment in Lakeside Park for many weeks now. It was not a big nuisance until they started accumulating a lot of stuff and it got out of hand. There appears to be appliances, grills, bikes, chairs, etc. They have gotten in the way of where children are playing and it continues to grow.