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  • 14004 44th Ave S Tukwila, WA 98168, USA - Tukwila
    Have seen and experienced many close calls at this intersection with cars comming northbound and not stopping, or even slowing at the intersection. Please post a stop sign on 44th so they have to stop prior to driving on to 140th.
  • 4445 South 124th Street Tukwila, WA 98178, United States of America - Tukwila
    Tow Behind Camper has been parked in front of the community center for a while now, we'll over the 4 hr recreation parking
  • 3726 S 128th St Seattle, WA, 98168, USA - Tukwila
  • Tukwila Community Center Tukwila Community Center Trail, Tukwila, WA 98178, United States of America - Tukwila
    Just putting this RV on the radar...it's been here since yesterday.
  • 14008 42nd Avenue South Tukwila, WA 98168, United States of America - Tukwila
    If you are heading westbound on 140th and you stop at the stop sign you can not see past a white four runner on the corner 142nd facing northbound. There is not enough room to see oncoming traffic (heading northbound and they can not see crossing traffic coming westbound). Please make this a no parking area as there are many accidents at this intersection and it is a hazard to all citizens driving. Thank you
  • Tukwila International Boulevard Foster, WA 98168, United States of America - Tukwila
    Cars are always parked onthe sidewalk near the grocery store and in front of the gated lot next to the grocery store , wheelchair users can not possibly get by on the sidewalk nor should a mother have to move the stroller off into the street to pass the parked cars. This is a weekly if not nightly occurrence that never gets taken care of. But if it happened anywhere else it would be taken care of with tickets.
  • 61st And Tukwila Parkway Tukwila, Washington - Tukwila
    Person or people are camped out inside drainage at the corner of 61st and Tukwila Parkway next to overpass. This has been reported before and occupants are still there. Why?
  • 14005 33rd Pl S Tukwila, WA 98168, USA - Tukwila

    People are consistently speeding up and down 140th St. I have been passed by people going in excess of 40 mph. They also blow through the stop sign on 140th and 37th. We have reported this numerous times and every time the case gets closed saying it was "monitored" and nothing was found wrong.

    I'm sorry but a half an hour here or there doesn't cut it. Especially in a marked car. Try living on this street and having your kids walk to and from school every day. We have already had a dog hit and killed. What's it going to take to garner attention? A kid getting hit?

  • 515 Minor Ave Seattle WA, 98104, USA - First Hill
    Crosswalk markings are not visible to cars at James and Minor Ave. Pedestrians are not safe crossing the 4 lanes of traffic between parking garage and place of work. I almost get hit every day because cars are not paying attention or choosing to ignore signs above the street. There are no road markings and a light to signal pedestrian crossing would be helpful.
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    11030 E Marginal Way S Tukwila 98168, United States - Tukwila

    Illegal camping.

    Please remove tents along public access.

  • 12400 42nd Ave S Seattle, WA, 98168, USA - Tukwila

    I operate this business on the corner of 42nd/124th South. I have reported this issue in the past , and TPD did their jobs and basically sent traffic cops / motorcycle officers down here to enforce traffic laws.(I appreciate this.) However, it's a persistent issue and I am making this report due to the fact I had a deaf woman almost get struck in the parking lot because of someone cutting through , (this is common.) She went out of her way to communicate with me , and wrote down what had happened and basically wanted me to do something about it since this matter would require her going to the TPD resource center and using sign language or doing what she did earlier and merely writing out a report.

    Traffic is ridiculous here regardless if they are cutting the parking lot or not, maybe 2/10 vehicles come to a full stop , the majority barely yield and coast right through. I know TPD is good at enforcing traffic but this is something they shouldn't have to baby sit , this is a three-way stop , it's time for the city to step up and simply install regular traffic signals and have them camera enforced. Whoever thought that simply installing a stop sign with LED lighting was very naive , all they did was waste money and changed nothing. Thanks in advance for reading this. I included an edited map , the colored lines represent speeding, and reckless driving / cutting the corner via the businesses parking lot.

  • 4111 S 113th St Seattle, WA, 98168, USA - Tukwila
    There are multiple abandoned vehicles including an old blue bus and others stored at the east end of this public right-of-way, east of 113th and 41st. They have not moved for a long time.