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Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2018-03-06

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • Damaged cable Acknowledged
    2313 S Harvey Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City
    Landscaping company was taking down tree at 2313 S Harvey, crew dropped tree on main line ripping everything down, damaging 750 trunk, feeder line and fiber line. Neighbors of 231e Harvey say it was J&J landscaping.
  • 2999 Acropolis Street Oklahoma City, OK 73120, United States of America - Oklahoma City
    Home is open with animals coming in and rain. Shared wall make this completely unsafe.
  • N Lanes Of I-35 Between Ne 122nd And Memorial Rd Middle Lane Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City
    For drivers heading northbound on I-35 between NE 122nd and Memorial RD-STAY OUT OF THE MIDDLE LANE!!!!! The road construction company needs fired! They have taken out portions of the road and left huge gaps there. . . I was driving a 4 wheel drive dually truck going the speed limit and using both hands on the wheel, I almost wrecked into the vehicle beside me!!! I'm just thankful I wasn't driving my car because it would damaged the wheels and tires!!! I can NOT believe this is how they are allowed to leave the interstate with no caution signs or anything!!!!
  • 15 North Robinson Avenue Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City
    I am staying at the Colcord Hotel at at 6:30 am on a SATURDAY morning, the work began on that trolley line outside my window. They were using that huge machine that beats the asphalt and tears it up. It was so loud it shook my room. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, with no let up for 20 minutes STRAIGHT. Woke me out of sleep and was shaking the things in my room. How on earth can this be allowed to take place!
  • 10549 Concord Drive Oklahoma City, OK 73151, United States of America - Oklahoma City
    They are digging out the back yard up against the 300 ft retaining wall that runs along the back of 3 homes. They are comprising the footing of the 20ft high wall.
  • Graffiti Archived
    1115 Sw 70th St - Oklahoma City
    Graffiti on community center in Taylor Park
  • 4500 N Cooper Ave Oklahoma City, OK, 73118, USA - Adventure District

    This street is in VERY poor condition along with Cooper at the stop sign both North and South directions.

    I’m loosing teeth out of my head driving this twice a day!!!

    With everything Kimray does for the community and City I think it’s time these got repaired.

  • 16432 Village Common Dr Edmond, OK 73013, USA - Oklahoma City
    House vacant over 1 year. Neighbors have mowed front yard occasionally. Back yard overgrown with weeds. Tarantulas, snakes, rodents observed coming from yard - impacting adjacent homes. Has been reported by others.
  • 315 Nw 24th St - Oklahoma City
    This empty lot is completely neglected
  • 5321 N Miller Ave - Oklahoma City
    This huge orange commercial taco truck looking thing has been on 5321 N Miller Ave. I thought there were guidelines on residential not to have those in driveways??
  • Trash cans Archived
    5325 N Miller Ave Okc Ok 73112 - Oklahoma City
    From last storms these trash cans have been out there for over a month and a half, it's ridiculous. No one has claimed them and I can't seem to find owners to them! Come pick them up please I have reported this time and time again. I guess I'll do it daily!
  • 6842 Nw 16th St Apt 249, Oklahoma City, OK, 73127, USA - Oklahoma City
    I moved under this apartment and immediately have been in complete torment and torture. I have had several conversations with the parents due to bumping, screaming, yelling, crying, running and stomping which caused items to fall from my wall. These actions happen throughout the entire day and carry over into the evening and into the middle of the next morning therefore we get no relief. We have reached out to Oklahoma City police department who has come out and experienced the noise upon driving up and walking up to the apartment and tenants vow to keep noise down which does happen temporary for a hour and then the actions start back up. The parents come outside in the breezeway arguing and yelling, breaking windows, screaming at the children, totally disregard neighborhood with the actions. The problem has become some outrageous that neighbors are now afraid to speak up since authorities have made statements due to complaints that we should be understanding since we live in an apartment. Help....Please