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Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2018-03-06

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • 2860-2898 Nw 36th St Oklahoma City, OK 73112, USA - Oklahoma City

    Road closed sign and cones have been here in the corner for weeks

    All cones have been run over lost

    I believe the work has been completed

  • 17th And Woodward Detroit, Michigan - Oklahoma City
    Bubbling coming up out the ground
  • 5120 N Linn Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73112, USA - Oklahoma City

    Trashcans fall over frequently before and after trash emptied and the trash then flies all over the neighborhood. Trashcans are still on their side w trash coming out and it's Friday, trash WAS picked up Tuesday.

    Also is there a limit to number of cars parked at house in regular nightly basis?

  • 9368 Se 44th St Oklahoma City, OK 73150, USA - Oklahoma City
    The grass on the south east corner of the intersection needs to be mowed. If sitting on 44th waiting to turn north, the grass blocks the view of oncoming northbound traffic.
  • 100 E Main St Oklahoma City, OK 73104, USA - Bricktown District
    numerous subjects at this location are complaining that the trees have overgrown and they cannot read the parking signs at this location. please trim the trees way way way way way way way way back to accommodate their reading.
  • 3633 Southwest 44th Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City
    SW44th from Portland to Newcastle Rd is so badly damaged that westbound traffic must routinely drive into the oncoming lane to avoid the destroyed road. I and others have reported this to no avail, adding insult to injury your dept. is resurfacing all the surrounding roads that were in no need of repair. It makes one wonder if you ignore this short section of road because only poor people live there? Or are we following Oklahoma's usual practice of waiting until someone dies to do something about it.
    Sorry about the tacky ending but drive this road if you dare and you'll understand.
    Phil Rigsby
  • 2615 Nw 50th St Oklahoma City, OK 73112, USA - Oklahoma City
    Property appears vacant and garage door broken collapsed into garage and items appear outside garage on grass. Opportunity for homeless people and animals. We have observed cats, possums and a skunk coming from this property just driving by. Please clean up. Eyesore for nice neighborhood.
  • 100 E Sheridan Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73104, USA - Bricktown District
    commercial loading zone sign on the southside of Sheridan is covered by the trees.
    need to have the trees trimmed back
  • 316 S Blackwelder Ave Oklahoma City, OK, 73108, USA - Oklahoma City
    South Blackwelder Ave, South of Reno and North of SW 3rd street needs to be totally resurfaced. The entire 1 block street has numerous holes and will jar your teeth lose upon driving on this surface. Its an OKC original road needing resurfaced ASAP. I have made several complaints referencing South Blackwelder Ave South of Reno and North of SW 3rd Street.
  • 1026-1142 Ne 26th St Oklahoma City, OK, 73111, USA - Oklahoma City
    I work late, so being woken up after only 3 hours of sleep is getting ridiculous. It's so loud it's even making my ears hurt from inside my home. I dont care if you have your buddy come by to smoke weed or whatever. Stop waking me up n scaring my animals.
  • 14801 Bristol Park Boulevard Edmond, OK 73013, United States of America - Oklahoma City
    Accessible parking space does not display "Handicapped Parking", "Reserved for Handicapped" sign.
    Cannot determine which parking space is for disabled drivers.