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  • Nw 34th And Drexel - Oklahoma City
    When going east bound at Nw 34th to go North on Drexel all those trees need to be trimmed back. You can't even see if traffic is coming north on Drexel when turning to go North! They are all over grown. That entire street (n Drexel) from nw 34th to 39th
  • 5321 N Miller Ave - Oklahoma City
    This huge orange commercial taco truck looking thing has been on 5321 N Miller Ave. I thought there were guidelines on residential not to have those in driveways??
  • 17th And Woodward Detroit, Michigan - Oklahoma City
    Bubbling coming up out the ground
  • 1735 Northwest 12th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73106, United States of America - Plaza District
    Our water pressure almost completely went out around midnight and the problem has continued.
  • 2412 Nw 20th St Oklahoma City 73107, United States - Oklahoma City
    For several weeks the street lights do not come on at dark.
  • 6842 Nw 16th St Apt 249, Oklahoma City, OK, 73127, USA - Oklahoma City
    I moved under this apartment and immediately have been in complete torment and torture. I have had several conversations with the parents due to bumping, screaming, yelling, crying, running and stomping which caused items to fall from my wall. These actions happen throughout the entire day and carry over into the evening and into the middle of the next morning therefore we get no relief. We have reached out to Oklahoma City police department who has come out and experienced the noise upon driving up and walking up to the apartment and tenants vow to keep noise down which does happen temporary for a hour and then the actions start back up. The parents come outside in the breezeway arguing and yelling, breaking windows, screaming at the children, totally disregard neighborhood with the actions. The problem has become some outrageous that neighbors are now afraid to speak up since authorities have made statements due to complaints that we should be understanding since we live in an apartment. Help....Please
  • 5325 N Miller Ave OKC, OK 73113 - Oklahoma City
    Next door neighbors is a half way house. Different people coming and going. Told them to quit parking in front of fire hydrant. They're not listening. The other day I put trash cans out for trash day and they parked in front of trash cans. Car needs to be towed. And okc connect not listening to my submissions
  • 2076 Northwest 40th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73112, United States of America - Oklahoma City
    The transients are taking over this neighborhood. They live under the overpasses on N.Penn and I-44 and N Young's and I-44. When I'm not at work in the weekends I come and find them behind my fence at 2232 NW 39 th St. Wait til Ziggys starts selling weed. It's already horrible here. They stand under the sign that says No loitering state property begging for money. Some of these guys are so high they can barely stand up. The trash is awful. Please do something
  • Trash Archived
    5325 N Miller Ave OKC, OK 73112 - Oklahoma City
    People that come pick up trash, have just broken the hatch to my lids on trash cans. I noticed that they had done it to everyone down the street that even a few houses down they completely took off one of my neighbors lid and threw it on the ground. Even though it's city property they need to respect and treat our cans with a little more respect! It's ridiculous now to have trash cans with broken lids!!! Very appaulled!!
  • 2614 North Hudson Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73103, United States of America - Oklahoma City
    Commercial vehicle parked for 4 days on residential street marked "no parking any time"
  • Traffic Light Archived
    Ocama Midwest City, Oklahoma - Midwest City
    Why does the traffic light change in 10 seconds for people who pull up to 15th St on Ocama? I have seen the light change to green for people on Ocama before their tires even complete a full stop! On every other traffic light there is a small wait time. Doesn't make sense to stop the heavier traffic in 10 seconds and for everytime a car on Ocama pulls up to the light. Can anyone in this town program lights properly? In Omaha, Nebraska there is much more traffic and guess what? Yes, the lights are programmed so that they turn green with the flow of traffic. Haven't seen this in Oklahoma...
  • 5120 N Linn Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73112, USA - Oklahoma City

    Trashcans fall over frequently before and after trash emptied and the trash then flies all over the neighborhood. Trashcans are still on their side w trash coming out and it's Friday, trash WAS picked up Tuesday.

    Also is there a limit to number of cars parked at house in regular nightly basis?