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  • 2046 Cameron Street Raleigh North Carolina - Hillsborough
    City Council approved (twice) bike lanes and a turn lane on Cameron Street, and it's been months without road markings. Temporary roadway markings were painted, but they've washed away. It's completely unsafe for pedestrians and people on bikes without these protected road markings.
  • 411 North St Raleigh NC, 27603, USA - North Central

    This stretch of Harrington Street just south of North Street and the RR crossing is extremely hazardous. There is no sidewalk, no markings, no stop sign. Two cars are allowed to park in the spot where pedestrians or cyclists would walk/ride. A steep curb/berm prevents any escape from speeding cars (who can now exit Capitol Blvd and, without stopping, turn left on Harrington and speed up the street.

    I walk to work downtown and back every day, and hundreds of my neighbors in Glenwood South would like to use this route.

    My request: 1) Remove those two parking places 2) Mark a skinny lane along both sides of Harrington Street, for pedestrians/cyclists/scooters 3) Require developers of lots just south of the tracks to install sidewalks, and require property owners to keep this stretch clear of vehicles, litter, etc.

    Suzanne Levinson
    400 N. West Street

  • 1505 Duplin Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    The hill on Lewis Road from Brooks Avenue to Nottingham Road continues to affect our neighborhood. Traffic/speed here has increased and gotten worse over the last 5-10 years now to a point where it needs to be addressed before something bad happens. Cars speed down this hill where there are no sidewalks, many children, walkers and pets affected. Our intersection alone at Duplin Road and Lewis Farm Road houses over 18 children + the bus stop for Lacy Elementary. We need a 4 way stop solution before the school year starts and would appreciate any attention to this issue.
  • Sign Issue Acknowledged
    Currituck Dr & Tyrrell Rd Raleigh, NC, 27609, USA - Six Forks
  • Other Open
    618 Elm St Raleigh 27604, United States - Mordecai
    Water is flowing from water valve cover in the street. It started after some water maintenance work in that location.
  • Raven Ridge Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Wake County
    I am writing to request left-turn green arrow light signals for the Eastbound/Westbound traffic on Raven Ridge Rd at Falls of Neuse Rd. This area is growing, increased traffic, especially during morning and afternoon work commute. I am concerned about increased traffic leading to more potential close calls/accidents. Perhaps even protected turn option during commute times only? the City of Raleigh said as of 8/1/18 the area can be reevaluated since it has been over a year since last traffic study.
  • Other Archived
    100 S Boylan Ave Raleigh 27603, United States - Hillsborough
    Another scooter left blocking the sidewalk! These scooters are a nuisance and dangerous! Not only do they make it difficult for pedestrians, but wheelchairs can’t even get by! They have to be violating ADA! Raleigh, it’s past time for something to be done about these!!
  • Other Open
    Hillsborough And St Mary’S - Hillsborough
    Several places down st Mary’s, the sidewalks are obstructed by these scooters. When will something be done about this nuisance and litter??
  • 203 Woodburn Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    A very tall pine tree is leaning almost over the fence into the power lines at the corner of Benehan and Woodburn. With the approaching storm the tree should at least be topped off before it is uprooted from saturated soil and does serious damage.
  • 2107 Breeze Rd Raleigh 27608, United States - Five Points
    Limited visibility and traffic on Beechridge approaching intersection at excessive speeds make this intersection difficult to navigate. This is also a bus stop for elementary school age childrenat at about 3:30 p.m. A four-way stop would help calm the traffic pattern and make it safer to turn from Breeze road onto Beechridge from both directions.
  • 2 Pullen Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    Two people on these city owned scooters just shot off the sidewalk into the street and through the traffic circle causing 2 vehicles to slam on brakes. No helmets, no regard for anyone else. They went right down the street like nothing happened. Someone is going to be killed on these.
  • 910 Brookside Dr Raleigh, NC 27604, USA - North Central
    Vegetation is obstructing the bike lane to the point you have to ride in the car lane. This has been an issue for more than 2 months now.