Museum District

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  • Street Hazard Archived
    33-47 Sunset Blvd Houston, TX, 77005, USA - Rice
    Large metal plate in street on Sunset Blvd, near Brown College at Rice University. Not bolted to the ground, no signs of construction anywhere. It makes a very loud rattling/clanking noise every time a car goes over it. The noise is interfering with studying, sleep, etc and lowers quality of life for the residents nearby. Please bolt it down or remove it.
  • 6599 Montclair Drive Houston, Texas - Rice
    The area around the manhole cover in the middle of the intersection of Montclair and MacArthur is subsiding rapidly. Currently about 5" differential and growing.
  • Main St & Cambridge St Houston, TX, 77005, USA - Rice
    Main and Cambridge light has been flashing red for 2 days
  • Other Acknowledged
    4315 Montrose Boulevard Houston, Texas - Rice
    colored lights on several of the bridges going over 59 are out and not working, reported to 311 before and they closed it out.
  • Traffic Markings Acknowledged
    Bissonnet Street Houston, TX 77401, United States of America - Rice
    I've reported this before and nothing has changed. I've now seen dangerous conditions more than 6 times personally and I've only been here over the holidays and this weekend.
  • 4545–4609 Montrose Blvd Houston 77006, United States - Rice
    This pole has been broken and wires exposed at sidewalk over montrose/59 bridge since January. Safety issue.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    5800-5898 Montclair Dr Houston, TX 77030, USA - Rice
    this pile of trash has been here for over a month
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    2116 W Holcombe Blvd Houston, TX 77030, USA - Rice
    This pile is getting bigger everyday with more and more junk and now tires.
  • Other Archived
    2509 Shakespeare St Houston 77030, United States - Rice
    Homeless person looking in cars and sitting on tables at night
  • 5731 Kirby Dr Houston 77005, United States - Rice
    Illegal Attention-getting Device
  • Other Archived
    2303 W Holcombe Blvd Houston 77030, United States - Rice
    Excessive pruning of tree in city ROW.
  • 1655 Vassar St Houston 77006, United States - Rice
    I am asking because a neighbor rents there house every week to new guests and they repeatedly leave out there trash cans on the street, we have lots of kids on our street and having debris ( standing water in the cans = mosquitoes = health isssues... ) and different strangers on our block every week is unsettling sometimes. I know the homeowners but can't get in touch with them to convey my issue, they are out of the country for a few more years and are renting by the week for income on daily rental sites. I am not trying to create a situation just looking for clarity. I thank you in advance.