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Watch area for downtown visitors, workers or residents.

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  • Other Acknowledged
    491 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77002, USA - US Congressional District TX7
    encampment has piled a load of trash at the spur off ramp and Richmond
  • 2403 Caroline Houston, Texas - Midtown
    I've called either Pct 7 or HPD daily for a week about transients at camping at this location. Perhaps MMD could get Mr Brackman to secure the fence?
  • 2303 Louisiana St Houston, TX 77006, USA - Midtown
    sidewalk still in disrepair and presents serious walking hazard. when will Randall fix issue.
  • 1777 Elgin Street Houston, TX 77004, United States of America - Midtown
    4 piles of cut down branches and leaves have not been pick up for a couple months.
  • 2201 Fannin Houston, Texas - Midtown
    This corner is the epicenter for the highest incidence of violent crime in the entire Houston area.
    Don't believe me? check the crime stats map for Houston.
    On the attached map, the number behind the 2 are another 2 and a 13 (yes, thirteen). That is for June 25 to July 5 of this year.
    We know the cause: HPD has decided to corral the homeless at the Exxon center and under the Pierce Elevated.
    The area is now a no go zone.
  • Street Hazard Acknowledged
    1048 Wheeler Ave Houston, TX 77002, USA - Midtown
    Aggressive panhandlers in intersection. Stopping traffic. Again.
  • 4401 San Jacinto Street Houston, TX 77004, United States of America - Midtown
    Come on Houston!!! This is just as bad as Turner's tent city! Blocking the sidewalks with garbage and hordes of transients is creating an unsafe environment for pedestrians and motorists.
  • 4407 San Jacinto Street Houston, TX 77004, United States of America - Midtown
    After clearing 'tent city' under 59 at Caroline, many persons have remained on the street in the area. There are large crowds at the corner of San Jacinto and Blodgett where we need to pass through and turn left to access highway 59. These persons are panhandling, knocking on my car window and right by our cars sitting on the sidewalk there are drugs being sold and drugs being consumed. There have already been shootings in the area due to the drug dealing and this is a very unsafe and frightening situation.There are persons camped for 2 blocks under 59 on San Jacinto at Blodgett . Their quilts and clothing are spilling out into the street.
    Please assist these persons in relocating to safe, warm shelters immediately. Thank you
  • 4205–4401 San Jacinto St Houston 77004, United States - Midtown
    Hobos, prostitutes, dealers, panhandlers and all around very no good vagrants walking in the street, urinating on the sidewalks blocking both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • 1910 Bagby St Houston, TX 77002, USA - Midtown
    broken elevators and human waste and homeless activity in stairwells
  • 3301–3399 Crawford St Houston 77004, United States - Midtown
    URGENT: There are numerous vagrants and homeless people setting up camp in this disgusting abandoned building, which is one stray cigarette away from becoming a fire hazard. Police have been called several times due to theft of patio furniture from neighboring homes. These buildings are a disgrace to midtown and the owner (I believe it is bank owned since the builders presumably ran out of money to finish) need to be held accountable. ACTION NEEDED SOON!!!
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    Milam St Houston, TX, 77002, USA - Midtown
    On Milan street under Pierce Elevated there are piles of items (in addition to the piles that are with the homeless people). The unattended piles of items blow into the street and into cars when the winds pick up.