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Watch area for downtown visitors, workers or residents.

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  • 1623 Stuart St Houston 77004 United States - Midtown
    Trees at 1623 Stuart St need to be trimmed, blocking the lights and creating a good environment for breakins. Would be great time to trim! Would be a good idea to block the street prior because students park there to go to school.
  • Bike lanes Archived
    900 Gray St Houston, TX, 77002, USA - Midtown
    Useless bike lane striping.
  • 1190 Wheeler Street Houston, TX 77004, United States of America - Midtown
    Every day there is a huge gathering of people that basically have moved onto the sidewalk. The crowd is so deep that pedestrians have to walk into Wheeler to avoid stepping over them. This group needs to be dispersed.
  • 1106 Tuam Street Houston, Texas - Midtown
    Branches from tree on Tuam St are overgrown and tangled into the power lines. Please contact the electric company or notify the right people to trim the tree to prevent the power line from breaking and either people losing power or getting electrocuted.
  • 1910 Bagby St Houston, TX 77002, USA - Midtown
  • Milam St Houston, TX, 77002, USA - Midtown
    On Milan street under Pierce Elevated there are piles of items (in addition to the piles that are with the homeless people). The unattended piles of items blow into the street and into cars when the winds pick up.
  • 1601-1613 Stuart St Houston, TX, 77004, USA - Midtown
    Abandoned construction. Fire hazard and homeless camp.
  • I-69 S Houston, TX, 77004, USA - Midtown
    Strong marijuana/cannabis odor in the vicinity, causing drivers like me to get slightly nauseous. Can this be investigated on somehow?
  • 2950 Jackson St Houston, TX 77004, USA - Midtown
    The plants located in the center median on block of 1600-1630 Elgin are dying and need water badly. They have not been watered in weeks. All the new plants that were recently planted in the Spring are being impacted the most. Why haven't the timers on the sprinkler system been adjusted for the summer months? Please address this issue quickly.
  • Other Archived
    1000 Elgin St Houston 77004, United States - Midtown
    ADA violation with blocked sidewalk to support a power pole. Needs to be another way to correct problem.
  • 3002 Chenevert St Houston 77004, United States - Midtown
    Trash and debris is collecting. It seems this property has dissolved their HOA and have no oversight for this kinda problem. Maybe they need help or notice of some kind needs to be sent out to them.
  • 1701 Elgin St Houston, TX 77004, USA - Midtown
    this stand has been broken for quite some time and several of the waste receptacles at this park are rusted through and falling apart.because this stand is broken thick bag containers off of fallout on the ground and a wasted.