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Watch area for downtown visitors, workers or residents.

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  • Hamilton And Pierce - Midtown
    Homeless criminals are living in tents under the bridge stealing property from tax payers in the neighborhood. They have stolen many boxes of mail from us and our neighbors and recently the stole 3 locked bike from our gate. We actually found the bikes there and recovered them with the help of police officers. These criminals need to be moved out immediately... How is the city allowing them to just live there in these tents?
  • Hamilton St & Webster St Houston, TX, 77003, USA - Midtown
    I live a few blocks away from Hamilton and Grey street where the encampment under the overpass continues to get larger. Human feces and used toilet paper scattered. Increased frequency of occupants have begun wandering past our house and approaching us pan handling when we are outside.
  • Street Hazard Acknowledged
    1048 Wheeler Ave Houston, TX 77002, USA - Midtown
    Aggressive panhandlers in intersection. Stopping traffic. Again.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    800-868 St Charles St Houston, TX 77003, USA - East End
    caused a flat tire.
  • 4401 San Jacinto Street Houston, TX 77004, United States of America - Midtown
    Come on Houston!!! This is just as bad as Turner's tent city! Blocking the sidewalks with garbage and hordes of transients is creating an unsafe environment for pedestrians and motorists.
  • 1509 Stuart St Houston 77004, United States - Midtown
    This property has been in an utter state of disrepair for years. It’s a haven for crime and tonight it caught fire likely caused by squatters. This needs to be torn down in the interest of public safety.
  • Broken Sidewalk Acknowledged
    2927 La Branch Houston, Texas - Midtown
    Broken sidewalk. It is at the corner of La Branch and Anita on the side by 2925 La Branch close to their gate and near the streetlight.
  • 3014 Caroline St Houston, TX 77004, USA - Midtown
    People cutting the grass are leaving this section (photo attached) for 3+ months. it compromises the safety of people in the neighborhood.
  • Street Hazard Archived
    701-799 Gray St Houston, TX, 77002, USA - Midtown
    It's technically a truck parked in the middle of the street but might as well be debris. The new parking and bike lanes are a terrible idea. Give us back our driving lanes. Bikers should be using a less traveled street, not a main midtown thoroughfare. Parking is unnecessary as they can use side streets. Such a waste of our tax dollars to cause major inconveniences. Please please please fix this!!!
  • Broken Sidewalk Acknowledged
    903 W Alabama St Houston, TX 77006, USA - Midtown
    bent bike metal thing
  • 1910 Bagby St Houston, TX 77002, USA - Midtown
    broken elevators and human waste and homeless activity in stairwells
  • 2001–2015 Main St Houston 77002, United States - Midtown
    Multiple homeless people and trash around premises. Have been asked by multiple people for money on the way to the rail station.