Community Board 3

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Community Board 3 boundaries are on the East side of the Western edge of the district and Norther side of the SE portion of the district, e.g. the West side of Bowery is CB 2 and the East side is CB 3.

Notified About

  • 1 To 80 Mott St New York, NY 10013, USA - Lower East Side
    MANYcars with parking permits have parked ILLEGALLY for years, Mon-Fri, at the same metered locations on lower Mott Street using a Court Officer and NYPD and Corrections parking permits. That's not a typo - this illegal parking has gone on for YEARS!!! Aside from the blight, NYC loses more than $50-million a year in parking meter revenue from government employee commuters abusing their parking permits - That's about a 1/2-BILLION dollars lost since Bloomberg's been in office. NYPD Traffic Enforcement (212) 233-0878) was contacted and the cars have been documented - please note this is EVERY working day. 'Can't run a city or a business like that. Councilmember Margaret Chin has walked by illegally parked cars all the time in Chinatown but she's more concerned right now with a double tax, the Business Improvement District and also getting tourists arrested for scoring knock-offs on Canal Street.
  • First Ave. And Saint Marks St. New York, NY - East Village
    @kenstanek received a ticket for not riding in the 1st Ave Bike Lane. These tickets have never held up in court and are part of a citywide crackdown on cycling in NYC. Police told Mr. Stanek they are specifically targeting bicycles.
  • 229 E 2nd St New York, NY - East Village
    It is not safe to walk to & from my apt from the subway - due to not enough lighting on the street. I almost got mugged, but luckily ran towards the duane reade on ave B.
  • Broome Street NYC, NY - Lower East Side
    Red light, see it? there they are blocking the grid and so the drivers honk and HONK and HOOOONNNNNNKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!
    When are the police going to control the animals? there is a $350 fine for honking posted a block away, what a great and EASY way to collect fines.
  • 67 Avenue D New York, NY 10009, USA - East Village
    large metal plates keep crashing into each other, not secured properly after utility work is done for the day
  • 307-333 E 4th St New York, NY 10009, USA - East Village
    This school constantly puts out garbage on Saturdays that is left out all weekend without pickup, does not properly package waste (resulting in broken fluorescent light bulbs and computers (among other things) strewn across the sidewalk. This attracts copious amounts of cockroaches and rats, and has permanently marred the sidewalk with a layer of trash remnants which is never cleaned.
  • 45 Park Ave Manhattan, NY 10003, USA - Greenwich Village
  • 118 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003, USA - East Village
  • East Broadway And Canal St New York NY - Lower East Side
    coming from clinton st and heading toward rutgers street, the surface quality from canal to rutgers is filled with potholes, inch deep scrapes and uneven service. routinely, cyclists move into the main lane to avoid accidents.
  • 61 Delancey St New York, NY 10002, USA - Lower East Side
    Fire plug broken off on South side of Delancey Street, New York between Allen and Forsyth. It has been there at least two days ignored by whomever. It should be restored its functional location seen on the side walk in the background of this photo.
  • 63 Avenue D New York, NY - East Village
    loose manhole cover NYC Sewer
  • 179 Stanton Street New York, New York - Lower East Side

    Dangerous sidewalk - cracked concrete 6 inch trip

    The sidewalk is getting much much worse! Please fix it before there is a big accident!!!