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  • 428 Lafayette St New York, NY 10003 - Greenwich Village
    Every morning, FedEx trucks park in the bike lane and sort packages. This morning there were 5 trucks parked in the bike lane. This causes danger to cyclists who have to veer into traffic on this major bike route.
  • Houston @ Mott Strteet - Little Italy
    urgent...someone is intentionally destroying the street trees...this is the 2nd on, cut halfway through with a saw and ripped down...1st was at corner of Bond and Bowery. Please alert Police and Parks.
  • Pot Hole Archived
    101 E 14 St New York, NY - Union Square
    Deep Hole and someone fell in and broke foot.
  • 487 Broadway New York, NY - Soho
    Every single day there is chaos on Broome St. as traffic from the closed Hudson St. Holland Tunnel entry is diverted. The din of the honking alone makes life difficult for the hundreds of people who live and work here. One traffic cop at the intersection of Broadway would go a long way towards fixing this problem.
  • 423 Broome Street Manhattan, New York, NY - Soho
    For the whole two miles east from the Holland Tunnel all the way past Chrystie Street, traffic is three cars wide and the drivers block each grid throughout weekends, and THEY HONK CONTINUOUSLY.
    Rarely traffic cops are assigned to direct the flow, though cops are sometimes observing cell phone use of drivers, they usually stay in the shade in a group of 4, or inside their cars parked on the sidestreet. The honking noise is horrible. There are DOT signs posted that there is a '$350 FINE FOR HONKING' , at Broadway and Broome, and two 'NO HONKING SIGNS" up Lafayette and Prince near the Fire Department, and why is a 'NO HONKING $350 FINE' sign posted on Thompson Street (West of West Broadway) a one-lane North-South street?! WHY don't they enforce the no honking and get those good fines?
  • 300 Elizabeth St Manhattan, NY 10012, USA - Greenwich Village
  • 41 Astor Place New York, NY 10003, USA - Greenwich Village
    Every time it rains, the sidewalk in front of Starbucks, to the left of the news stand kiosk and right in front of the downtown 6 station floods. That area has high foot traffic and is difficult to navigate around the flood without dangerously stepping into the road.
  • 302 Bowery - Greenwich Village
    302 Bowery Patrica Fields a/c noise complaint. A/C located in the yard btwn Bowery & Elizabeth so loud you can't hear your TV 3 stories above ground flr. Needs to be repaired
  • 96-118 4th Ave New York, NY 10003, USA - Greenwich Village
    Every single morning the post office parks trucks in the crosswalk at the corner and obscures the walk/don't walk signal, and blocks the crosswalk making it dangerous to cross the street right across from a school.
  • 254 Spring St New York, NY 10013 - Soho
    Drivers illegally turn right on red and block the box constantly during evening rush hour. I have seen no police enforcement here whatsoever.
  • 8th And Jane St. - West Village
    bike lane frequently blocked.
  • E. Houston & Lafayette - Little Italy
    NYC Transit dig, no traffic enforcement on weekends, horn honking in the early hours, dangerous PED crosssing, No signage detouring traffic along the Houston Street,