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  • Brush Archived
    32 Sunset Hill Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Access Road to Poles Hill off Sunset Hill Road is completely over grown & emergency vehicles would not have access at this time due to brush.
  • Manhole Cover Acknowledged
    25 Riverview Road Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    For over a week now there has been a puddle over the manhole cover in front of my driveway. It bubbles and has a not so fresh scent - sewage perhaps? A few years back someone from the city was out fixing that same issue and the workman told me something needed to be done to it to stop the bubbling and to report it if it happened again
  • Pothole Archived
    19 Riverview Rd Gloucester 01930, United States - Gloucester
    Potholes that you need a mule to climb out of !
  • Pothole Archived
    105 Riverview Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Pothole in Street at 105 Riverview Road
  • 40 Riverview Rd Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Riverview Rd is overwhelmed with potholes. There are several places where it's impossible not to drive into one. The worst place is just before the end of the loop. One has to literally zigzag the whole street.
  • 52 Riverview Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Light near 52 Riverview Rd has been out for a while