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  • 200 Block Ardmore Avenue Trenton, NJ 08629, USA - Wilbur
    Hi, for the last week, some guy in a green work truck has been coming around to the 200 block of Ardmore, with a very large white pit bull in a cage in the back. It says FOR SALE on it, and I think he's offering puppies, too. The poor dog is subjected to the elements (heat and rain, namely), and barks all day long, to the point that it is now hoarse. Perhaps the guy is doing legitimate work on one of the houses here, but he should keep his kennel at home.
  • 99 Mechanics Ave Trenton, NJ 08638, USA - East Trenton
    I reported this before to animal police but nothing was done. The dog is on chain and lies on old mattress from winter to summer all day long. He looks skinner and skinner every day and no one cares about that dog.
  • 76 Anderson St - Chambersburg
    we live on anderson st and there is an illegal rooming house located at # 76, i and my neighbors were happy recently when the city finally cracked down forcing the owner to close it and put that big beautiful tag on the front door, well today is October 16,2010 not even a month after the inspector was there and this person is up to the same old tricks.she had a sign in the window listing rooms for rent and now there must be 6 people living in the upstairs portion this time around coming and going at all hours.
    our calls to the city seem to be falling on deaf ears and we sure hope the trentonian fix it can get something done with this slumlord.
    if this person has a license the city SHOULD REVOKE IT!
  • 34 Tyler St Trenton, NJ 08609, USA - Greenwood And Hamilton
    Six tenants from the area called the dog pound just to get a vm ...i myself left four vm about this poor pitbull mix white with black spots male!!! Left outside all day n nite n no water nor food he is being kicked n beating by two latin youths u can see the ribs on this poor dog sadly no one comes out to save this poor dog....good luck calling here is the number but get ready for the vm n no call back 609-989-3254
  • 312 Ardmore Avenue Trenton, NJ - Wilbur
    Two kids with a pit bull and a pomeranian, unleashed, walk around encouraging the dogs to go into people's bushes, and onto their porches so they can root out and kill squirrels and cats and other dogs. Someone is going to get hurt. They're making it unsafe for everyone.
  • Calhoun Street 08618 - North Trenton
    Buyer's beware. The newly built Catherine Graham homes are not energy efficient as they are being sold as. Buyer's are being told they have gas heating systems when in fact, forced air heating is electrical heat!! Homeowner's are upset because electric bills are sky high!!! Nothing about these homes are energy efficient, just cheaply built. The city of Trenton should be ashamed of funding homes that are being advertised as energy efficient but they are not.
  • 129-139 Monmouth Place NJ 08609, USA - Greenwood And Hamilton
    #'s 129 to 139 Monmouth Street have yards that are filthy. These properties are owned by slumlords. There is also garbage located in the alleyways of these properties. Also, Monmouth Place as a large pothole as you turn into the cul de sac. It's the size of a kiddie swimming pool. There is also a sink hole at the front of a city owned property on Monmouth Place. I'm afraid children will fall into this hole. My sister has contacted the City for the last 3 months about this problem but nothing has been done. The situation is becoming increasingly worse.
  • Dunham Street & Marion Street Trenton, NJ - Stuyvesant-Prospect
    An iron fence needs to be put around the new Catherine Graham Homes on the Marion Street side to stop people from walking through homeowner's lawns and from throwing their trash in the open area.
  • 34 Tyler St Trenton, NJ 08609, USA - Greenwood And Hamilton
    The side yard of this home daily reeks of dog feces. The feces attracts flies that breeds uncontrollably. How can any of the surrounding neighbors utilize their own yard with the stench and disgusting flies. I can only imagine the health of the poor dog when living in these conditions. Please Help I called this in many times but all u get is the vm... And no call back sadly!!!
  • 124south Cook Ave Trenton, NJ - Wilbur
    people are taking scrape metal to this house 24 hours a day people houses are getting broken in to and pipes are being taken and sold for little or nothing this need to be shut down the area is going to the doggs thanks to this eye sore
  • 300 Block Of Rutherford Ave Trenton, nj 08618 - South Trenton
    the trash and boarded up houses in the 300 block of
    rutherford ave, are havens for
    drug dealers selling crack to
    under-age children. everyday
    the street id filled with trash,
    crack viles, clothes. there are
    also dog fights there. why isn't
    the police doing their job. this
    is awful..
  • 254 Euclid Ave Trenton, NJ - Wilbur
    Dogs have no cage, fence is broken, easily to escape from, bark all day and night long.