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  • 940 Curry Drive Macon/bibb, Georgia - Macon
    I have asked for speed bumps to be installed at this location at the stop sign on Curry drive as well as a speed bump on Boulevard at that location. NO ONE stops at this sign and people speed up and down this hill all the time. A drunk driver coming UP the hill destroyed trees, Ga Power pole, his car, etc. last NIGHT. HE HAD TO BE GOING very FAST TO DO THE DAMAGE HE DID. That was going UP the hill also!!. They go faster down the hill. Someone is going to be seriously injured at the intersection if something is not done NOW!!!!! It is time for COMMON SENSE to correct this issue. We need speed bumps like the one at Ingliside Avenue on both streets since they also speed down BOULEVARD> You put up speed limit signs and said speed bumps were not warranted BUT people see the speed limit signs you put up telling them how fast they are going and they slow down before getting to them. DO SOMETHING.
  • Blight Demo Archived
    645 Arlington Pl Macon, GA, 31201, USA - Macon
    Demolition of this house started before we moved into the neighborhood in August 2019 but has still not been completed (March 2020). Part of the two-story frame is still upright and is accessible. There are piles of rotting wood that are dangerous and could house rodents. Also, the vacant lot next to the house is not being maintained.
  • North Ave Macon 31211, United States - Macon
    In the am 7:30-8. Oncoming traffic on 129 N always blocks the traffic coming from Nottingham from turning left or right onto 129 when the light changes. Please have a police man out there directing traffic and enforcing the flow of traffic and instal a do not block intersection sight. Also paint a big X in the intersection determining the are to not be blocked.
  • 3450 Pine Haven Dr Macon, GA 31206, USA - Macon
    Issue ID #4892155 This issue has not been resolved since October of last year. Also the neighbor (different than the original complaint)directly behind my property has a abandoned vehicle in their back yard. Please contact me, Stuart Hallman cell-478-952-0789.
  • Roff Ave. Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Roff ave. Is a norrow street to begin with.This road has a lot of semi trucks traveling on it. Some of these truck are carrying oversized equipment. These TREE'S are making these truck take up more of the on coming lane. This is a safety issue. No one wants to be in an accident with a semi truck. You know you wouldn't want it to be your family member. Tree's from Pionono to Hillcrest Industrial Blvd. are the ones I am reporting. Thank You.
  • 3565 Pio Nono Ave Macon, GA 31206, USA - Macon
    this is the third request sent in to see click fix the other business have remove the graffiti this business have not removed the graffiti it has been over 6 months since our last request.
    is being part of the neighborhood watch committee we have address this business and ask them to please remove the graffiti off the back of their building for it is very offensive and negative for the community. It has not been removed we have eggs on two occasions for help from the county to address this issue to the business owner to please remove the graffiti we ask that you will please follow through and have this graffiti remove at the owner's expense.
  • 812 Corbin Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    You have got to be kidding me. Almost a year after the first complaint lodged about a box springs and mattress in the back yard of this property being dumped thereby the owner occupants, finally an inspector is sent out and the complaint is closed with no citations? A property owner is allowed to dump a mattress and box springs where they are visible to anyone traveling on South Nancelon and that's not a violation? So, what is a violation then? Did the inspector look in the side yard? I object to the complaint being closed as I have to look at that box springs and mattress every day.
  • 660 College St Macon GA 31201, United States - Macon

    This is the same house we have talked about at 660 College street. They leave stuff like this out all the time. Sometimes I put it in a can for them. It’s certainly not my job.

    It’s raining today and this stuff will be an absolute mess down college street in no time. If our goal is to make our city look like a poorly run place by the main entrance to the city we are doing a great job.

    I have complained both directly and through see click fix at least 15 times about this place. I’ll have to move the cans into their driveway in a few days because they leave them out.

    If no one cares to do anything because it’s “hard to find the owner” or some other nonsense just let me know. We get paid to do the hard parts of our job not the easy.

    Mr. Jackson if you could just send me a reply that says “it’s to difficult to deal with this situation, I don’t really want to have anyone do any work on this” I’ll leave you alone and try to figure it out on my own.

    3 years of their trash cans living on the side walk and picking up their garbage across the street and down from me is enough. I don’t payed for this. In fact I pay taxes and they pay you guys to deal with this.

  • 484 1st St Macon, GA, 31201, USA - Macon

    Continued park/street cleaning at 3:30 AM, despite it being scheduled for only Nov-Dec.

    I'm a professional in my 30s who moved downtown a few months ago to help support the local business despite the new parking meter addition. Then throughout Nov & Dec I was woken up from 3:30-4:45 AM each week due to street cleaning. When I saw responses to other complaints about this saying it would only be Nov-Dec I accepted it would be an annual burden. It happened again at 3:30AM last night on Jan 10.
    Is this going to be a year-round nuisance? Is there not any way to schedule this for a different time? Other larger cities I've lived in perform these tasks throughout the daylight without any issues.
    If this can't be changed I expect some of the downtown residents like myself will move back out of the downtown area. For the rent rates we pay we shouldn't be woken up for over an hour by routine city landscaping at 3:30 in the morning.

  • Rogers Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    2283 Rogers Avenue & 203 Rogers Avenue - The homeowners at 203 Rogers Avenue have been utilizing the parking lot at 2283 Rogers Avenue as a storage yard. The box truck has been parked for months and other cars come and go. The property owner at 2283 Rogers Avenue needs to be notified of this as well as instructed to clean up his parking lot. There are trees down, shrubs, limbs littering the parking lot and it appears to have been abandoned. As a neighbor and as a tax paying citizen, I should not have to look at this on a daily basis.
  • 301-399 Hines Ter Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    I sit on my porch daily and see cars fly down my road even up to around 60 or more mph. I have a hearing impaired child that may not hear or see an oncoming vehicle speeding down our street. I have watched multiple times cyclist and skateboarders fly through the intersection and cars screeching to a stop or the kids from the children's home being kids hanging out and almost getting hit by the cars coming down Hines Terrace.
    I have witnessed almost car accidents when on Mc Donald the cars have a stop sign and when they pull out after stopping the speeding cars just miss an accident.
    A stop sign to make this a four way stop would highly benefit our neighborhood. Please make this happen.
  • 3201 Ingleside Ave Macon, Georgia - Macon
    People do not obey the speed limit, and drive well over 40mph along ingleside ave between Ridge and Pierce ave. There are many low-cost traffic calming solutions that we can implement: Rubber speed devices and radar signs which can be found here: Also several low cost concrete solutions such as chokers, necks and bulbs, chicanes and other impediments.