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  • I-75 N Macon, GA, 31201, USA - Macon
    The owner of this property works on cars and has a chop shop ,on the weekend there are so many cars up there and a wrecker with no name on it ,they park on the other side of the street which I have to call the police ,I have a sign on the building saying no parking. Can't get planning and zoning to site them for working on cars. Some of the cars don't have tags ,they have made a mud rut in front of the house where so many cars have been parked. The noise ,music so loud and the sound of generator all day and sometimes up to 10 at night ,he has put an out building in the back without planning and zoning permit? Please see what can be done since this neighborhood is residential and not commercial zoned. We have a neighborhood watch and wants peace and quite again in our neighborhood everyday and night. A lot of traffic on the weekend.
  • Other Archived
    3208 North Ohara Dr Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Trash was left in front of our house. The trash company came out today and drove right past us. Can we please have someone come out and pick this up?
  • 2541 Huntington Dr Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    As of this Friday it will be 37 days that we have been making phone calls trying to get this picked up, it always by next Friday that Friday has yet to come!!!!! I have spoken to everyone I can my next step will be the tv stations. Please get this picked up!!!!! Thank you Patricia Cason
  • 3657 Pine Forest Rd Macon, GA 31206, USA - Macon

    the city dug out the front of the drains at 3645 and 3657 Pine Forest Rd without putting pavement or cement to the drains. The street water will first soak into the dirt then clog the drains up with dirt and the flooding will resume in our driveways causing more sinkholes. I filed another report about the drain and they came and just dug it out and removed the cement that was beneath the grass and dirt and got all the way down to the dirt down below. he didn't say if they were going to come out to finish the job. he closed the case. I requested the edge of the road to be ground down and a funnel be made to the drain. you could have put walls on the sides to force water into the drain after grinding the pavement down on the side of the road.

    this is going to cause dirt to get washed from in front of the drains and far far more property damage. I am including a picture of the front of the drain. please let me know what you are going to do? I don't know if this drain is clogged up. it hasn't had water go down it for over 20 years of city neglect.

  • 1647 Hawthorne Rd Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Top became disconnected from cart and was completely taken away during garbage collection today.
  • 144 Buckingham Pl Macon 31204, United States - Macon
    Already reported. See it’s archived as “not an issue as drain has been looked at with camera”.... this is an issue that neighbor have been fighting for years and we have now signed an easement for you to come thru here and fix the lines... we expect to be contacted on this issue and expect to be updated on the timing of rerouting drain lines & enlarging this one thru our yard.
    Two (2) phone numbers provided for call back.
  • 250-294 Clisby Pl Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    This is one of the pictures of Clisby Pl that I presented in a meeting with mayor Richert, Nigel Floyd back in the fall 2019. Clisby Pl needs some strategic and critical traffic studies. This is a picture of the Vineville Academy carpool line that BLOCKS our street for 30 to 40 minutes each school day
    This street surrounds 5 schools Vineville Academy, LH Williams, Miller, Central, and St Peter Claver. Children walk and cross this street everyday. The recommendation at our last meeting was made by Mayor Richert to make the speed limit 25mph instead of 30. That has not been done. As a retired Bibb County Educator I am concerned. Does a child have to be killed on this street before anything is done. Most cars go up Clisby at 45mph+. Some are pushing 60 and PASSING other cars. In recent days there has been a parade of dirt bikes that are not street legal going up and down making enough noise to rattle windows in my home.
    An 18 wheeler from Family Dollar went down this small street as well as a log truck.
    Why are our concerns being ignored.
  • 145–199 Calhoun Way Macon 31201, United States - Macon
    These warning barriers have been here for years (abandoned), please have someone come pick them up. The ruined brick steps & bannister has been fixed for a while now, there is no need to have these here any longer.
  • 1557 Berkshire Dr Macon, GA, 31206, USA - Macon
    This property is in a curve and the bushes at the edge of yard prohibits seeing oncoming traffic
  • 101–115 Brandon Way Macon 31210, United States - Macon
    This house has consistently had a lawn care company come out about 1 time each month or every other month. They only mow the front lawn. The backyard has not been touched since we moved to this neighborhood 3 years ago. It is so overgrown the weeds are rising well above the fencing and up to the high porch. It is attracting animals.
  • Yard debris Archived
    2563elizabeth Pl Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Please come get this where we can walk on the side walks safely. One side has been on the side walk for over 3 months. HELP!!!
  • 3664 Mckenzie Dr Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    The cars are located on both sides of the road, which make it hard for coming up and down the street. Authorities have came out but they only moved the cars around this did not help at all.