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  • 2945 Alfred Dr Macon, Georgia - Macon
  • 1158 Triple Hill Dr Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Garbage cart is missing and we need a replacement. I was advised by Advance Disposal to call and be put on the schedule for pick up until the cart comes.
  • 439 Grosso Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    Residents of apartment complex across from vacant lot at 439 Grosso Ave have been using the lot (including the right-of-way) to dump trash and furniture.
  • 2nd Street Bridge Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Right off I16 almost in front of the Chamber of Commerce there is/was homeless people living there and the trash can easily be seen from the interstate. It is down the hill on the left of the 2nd Street Bridge. With Cherry Blossom coming up it is not inviting looking coming into Macon
  • 1043 Sylvian Drive Macon, Georgia - Macon
    The house is horribly overgrown and there are people coming in and out of the house causing the neighbor at -033 Sylvia. & others to be concerned for their safety. Please see what you can do. I e reported this Bethany it’s worae now
  • 3814 Lindsey Dr Macon, GA, 31206, USA - Macon
    This was two weeks ago..Grass is overgrown waist or so parts other.
    Snakes rats coming over in my yard...
  • City Of Macon GA, USA - Macon
    4 mattresses pick up 2 from commercial empty bulding..2 residential property end of driveway by mailbox 2 at 1872 old clinton road..2 at 1805 clinton road macon ga 31211
  • 1975 Vineville Ave Macon, GA, 31201, USA - Macon
    My neighbors continually blast music at all hours. Often well into the morning hours. They have no regard for time of day or people’s work schedule. Specifically apartments A2, B3, C4
  • 344 Stratton St Macon, GA, 31201, USA - Macon
    Garbage was not picked up on scheduled day which was on Wednesday 9/4/19 because of the holiday. Please have ADS come back out and empty because it is full.
  • 1546 1st St Macon, GA, 31201, USA - Macon
    You said that my garbage has been picked up but it has not The trash is still here. I see that I am not the only one complaining of repeated missed pickups and you saying the driver has been sent to do the pickup but the driver has not done so Maybe a personnel issue?
  • Other Archived
    1952–1958 Walnut St Macon 31201, United States - Macon
    Please pick up the limbs from our Second Saturday cleanup in January 2019. We have quite a few volunteers coming this Saturday, too. We hope you all can come out and pick the limbs up today. Thanks, Yolanda Latimore, Macon Cemetery Preservation Corporation
  • 866 Stewart St Macon, GA, 31217, USA - Macon
    Storm drain clogged; bad smell coming from it.