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  • 122 Summerfield Dr Macon, Georgia - Macon
    I requested a new garbage can for regular trash last year due to large crack. We had infestation of flies last year due to accessibility to breeding ground due to crack. Please replace before warm weather comes. Thank you
  • 1778 Waverland Dr Macon 31211, United States - Macon
    The intersections at Gray Highway and Nottingham and Gray Highway and Shurling Dr. are a major problem. People coming from Jones County seem to think it is okay to fill the intersection— then the light turns red and they are stuck in the middle of the intersection while those of us with a green light cannot go anywhere. I have seen officers ignore this behavior, but I also believe it’s because there are so many priorities and traffic issues sink to the bottom of the list. It has gotten so out of control that I have sat through a green light up to three times. Maybe cameras strategically placed could be used to identify drivers blocking intersections and ticket them.
  • 1445 Williamson Road Macon, Georgia - Macon
    At the corner of Williamson Rd and Manchester Dr. the road is continuously wet. It's coming from up under the street.
  • 744 Plumtree Street Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Manhole cover sticking up in the middle of Plumtree in the block between Fountain and Balkcom. Road hazard, potential cause of accident and injury
  • 650 Forest Lake Dr N Macon, GA, 31210, USA - Macon
    MANY DOGS kept in small back yard. Female dog tethered to metal post. Strong odor and a lot of barking coming from backyard. Surrounding homes unable to use/enjoy their yards due to the feces odor and barking noise. When the large amount of dogs were noticed by neighbors the homeowner place a 10 foot privacy fence surrounding the back yard to little or no avail. There are too many dogs in THIS yard to be in compliance with city ordinances and the city's definition of a "licensed dog breeder". I am VERY FEARFUL OF dogs welfare in summer heat and these living conditions. ALSO VERY FEARFUL OF HOMEOWNERS RETALIATION (if they treat a dog this way -- God help any human) so I wish to remain anonymous. Your immediate attention to this matter is requested.
  • 515 Adrian Place Macon, GA - Macon
    Bushes need cutting. Coming out into road.
  • 861 Windsor Rd Macon, Georgia - Macon
    the wheels are completely bent - need replacement
  • 2872 Virginia Dr Macon GA 31206, United States - Macon
    A concave trench completely across the entire street about 5 inches derp
  • 832 Mccall Rd Macon, GA, 31217, USA - Macon
    Litter is scattered along McCall Road coming off Jeffersonville Road
  • 3744 Mercer University Dr Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    this location was torn up and half repaired it feels like you are riding on railroad tracks please scrape re pave smoothly just like it was before. We cannot have MWA or whoever coming in and cutting up our street and repair it like they do not care. Fix it smooth like it was before.
  • 3375 Vista Cir Macon 31204, United States - Macon
    For the last 6 weeks 3300 block of Vista Circle blue recycle cans were not picked up. While it was picked up around our block, it has been missed now 3 consecutive times in 3300 block. Next pickup is in two weeks and our cans are full. This is unacceptable!! Perhaps Macon/Bibb should not renew Advanced Disposals upcoming contract.
  • 1118 Clinton Rd Macon, GA, 31211, USA - Macon
    Small brown dog. In the apartment complex.