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  • 3657 Pine Forest Rd Macon, GA 31206, USA - Macon

    the city dug out the front of the drains at 3645 and 3657 Pine Forest Rd without putting pavement or cement to the drains. The street water will first soak into the dirt then clog the drains up with dirt and the flooding will resume in our driveways causing more sinkholes. I filed another report about the drain and they came and just dug it out and removed the cement that was beneath the grass and dirt and got all the way down to the dirt down below. he didn't say if they were going to come out to finish the job. he closed the case. I requested the edge of the road to be ground down and a funnel be made to the drain. you could have put walls on the sides to force water into the drain after grinding the pavement down on the side of the road.

    this is going to cause dirt to get washed from in front of the drains and far far more property damage. I am including a picture of the front of the drain. please let me know what you are going to do? I don't know if this drain is clogged up. it hasn't had water go down it for over 20 years of city neglect.

  • 2541 Huntington Dr Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    As of this Friday it will be 37 days that we have been making phone calls trying to get this picked up, it always by next Friday that Friday has yet to come!!!!! I have spoken to everyone I can my next step will be the tv stations. Please get this picked up!!!!! Thank you Patricia Cason
  • 1549 Coleman Ave Macon, GA, 31201, USA - Macon
    You can't see around the street for the trees that are overgrown. It's a danger to pedestrians and oncoming traffic.
  • 101–115 Brandon Way Macon 31210, United States - Macon
    This house has consistently had a lawn care company come out about 1 time each month or every other month. They only mow the front lawn. The backyard has not been touched since we moved to this neighborhood 3 years ago. It is so overgrown the weeds are rising well above the fencing and up to the high porch. It is attracting animals.
  • 1320 Briarcliff Rd Macon 31211, United States - Macon
    I asked in 2017, the issue was closed. I asked again in May. Again the issue was closed in regards to the ditch across the street from my house. The length of briarcliff Park that we face has no storm sewers. They start on each end where there are storm drains. Every time I bring this issue up y’all come out and unclog the storm drains but the park isn’t draining to them because the ditch has been filled in from the runoff. Briarcliff Park is a hill and all of the rain comes off of it and without that ditch it comes onto us. It is ruining the grade of our property and starting to cause foundation issues. It is especially problematic right now when we have heavy rains so often. If I need to bring this issue to some other forum please let me know so it can be resolved. When you say someone will be out to dig out the ditch just to close the issue and never follow through it isn’t helpful at all. Literally every time it rains hard it is ruining something else.
  • 200–210 Baconsfield Dr Macon 31211, United States - Macon
    On Baconsfield Drive at the Stop sign to turn onto North Avenue the No Left Turn sign has completely faded out and more and more people want to turn left which is very dangerous to everyone.
  • 1291 Patterson St Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    Have requested a trash cart three times and have not received.
  • 2540 Vineville Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    As a lifelong Macon resident and proud 1984 graduate of Tattnall Square Academy, I can confirm that our historic homes have always been a saving grace. Through good and bad, they continue to attract positive newcomers. I’ve become well versed on the important architects to grace us with masterpieces. J. Neel Reid might be the most notable, and we’re lucky to have one of his finest works on Vineville, our main thoroughfare. I walked by the house with my grandkids this weekend to show them what I was expecting to be a prized English Manor...but was broken to find what looked like residential blight! I almost cried in front of two ten year olds.
    I did the mature thing, swallowed my pride, and tried to locate the owner. This pursuit only added more questions to the process, as I found out the owner listed on the Macon Bibb tax assessors site had been dead for 7 months! More research led to signs of an incredible life, but no owner info.
    So the home looks like it’s gradually beginning to fall apart, but the front lawn is what scares me most. I’d never want to see such prized local gem overgrown and nearly invisible from the street. If nothing else, I’d love to see some TLC given to the front yard. I can only imagine how much this sight pain’s the departed‘s neighbors, who must hold great pride to live in such an important, historic neighborhood.
    Seeing the home bruised is a different story, but please do what y’all can to begin preserving this historic asset.
  • 3500–3572 Stinsonville Rd Macon 31204, United States - Macon
    Roadway at this intersection is coming apart in many small sections. There is one pothole at this area that is twice the size of a manhole cover but only about an inch and a half deep.
  • 256 Vista Cir Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    Home abandoned. Grads and trees completely over grown.
  • 2540 Vineville Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    This property continues to be overgrown and a eyesore to the community. I don't know if it is abandoned, but has feral cats, dead trees, and overgrown yard.
  • 2364 2nd St Macon, GA, 31206, USA - Macon
    This is become a dump site the seal making she'll be ashamed