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  • 2540 Vineville Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    This property continues to be overgrown and a eyesore to the community. I don't know if it is abandoned, but has feral cats, dead trees, and overgrown yard.
  • 2540 Vineville Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    As a lifelong Macon resident and proud 1984 graduate of Tattnall Square Academy, I can confirm that our historic homes have always been a saving grace. Through good and bad, they continue to attract positive newcomers. I’ve become well versed on the important architects to grace us with masterpieces. J. Neel Reid might be the most notable, and we’re lucky to have one of his finest works on Vineville, our main thoroughfare. I walked by the house with my grandkids this weekend to show them what I was expecting to be a prized English Manor...but was broken to find what looked like residential blight! I almost cried in front of two ten year olds.
    I did the mature thing, swallowed my pride, and tried to locate the owner. This pursuit only added more questions to the process, as I found out the owner listed on the Macon Bibb tax assessors site had been dead for 7 months! More research led to signs of an incredible life, but no owner info.
    So the home looks like it’s gradually beginning to fall apart, but the front lawn is what scares me most. I’d never want to see such prized local gem overgrown and nearly invisible from the street. If nothing else, I’d love to see some TLC given to the front yard. I can only imagine how much this sight pain’s the departed‘s neighbors, who must hold great pride to live in such an important, historic neighborhood.
    Seeing the home bruised is a different story, but please do what y’all can to begin preserving this historic asset.
  • 100-108 Pierce Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    Signal timing especially in the morning stays green for traffic coming out of town when none are coming. A waste of time and fuel cost.
  • 4516 Bon Ayer Cir Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    all different kinds of stuff dumped - please come clean up
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    2401–2417 Darden Dr Macon GA 31204, United States - Macon
    The stop sign for Darden Dr at Ingleside is completely covered by overgrowth. Darden Dr also has limbs and overgrowth hanging in roadway. Darden at last house at Buford has vines that have grown over curb into roadway. This is my 2nd request regarding over growth.
  • 701-899 Hendley St Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    The sidewalk along the fence between Central High School's fields and Hendley (across from Miller) is very overgrown. The fire hydrants are completely encased in weeds. I have seen high school students walking in the street in the dark before school because the sidewalk is blocked by weeds.
  • 2920 Southshore Dr Macon 31204, United States - Macon
    2ND REQUEST::::::Stop sign at the corner of Glenrock Dr & Southshore Dr has been damage. It is facing the wrong direction. Please have someone to come and fix this issue ASAP.
  • 261 Pio Nono Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    Sidewalk is busted, uneven and dangerous to pedestrians. After any rain, as we have recently had, water pools over the sidewalk and along the curb. Doesn’t go away for weeks, especially if more rains come. Appears there is drainpipe, waterline problem or something under the concrete and asphalt.
  • 1343 Burton Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    No one stays in the house. The owner owns the mechanic shop on Columbus Rd by Harvard Ave with all the dogs and cars everything. He might come by the house once every 2 to 3 mths. Abandoned cars in the front. Backyard is out of control. Looks like a forest or woods. Abandoned cars in the back yard but I can't see them no more because of the overgrowth. He actually yrs ago brought about 30 to 50 little trees in flower pots, set them all in the backyard, to make his little forest. I know this because his backyard runs into mines. I submitted a quest about this yrs ago. I spoke to the inspector who was handling his case which they were already looking at him. The only thing he did was cleaned the front yard but the backyard is effecting his neighbors on all 3 sides of his backyard. Please help.
  • 135 Orange St Macon GA 31201, United States - Macon
    Another homeless hangout. Overgrown mess. Trash. Everywhere. Please help us!!! These three houses in a row are homeless hangouts. We are TRYING to sell the commercial building next door. I’ve complained about these houses for years.
  • 297 Corbin Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    Can we get a street sweep on the 200 block of Corbin? We also have a water leak on the street and the combination of leaves and the constant water has made it a mess on the street with standing water in some spots.
  • 1801–1899 Chestnut St Macon GA 31201, United States - Macon
    This area has become a dumping ground. Last time I reported this the trash was just pushed to the side not taken away. Now more trash has been dumped here.