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Watching issues created after: 2018-05-01

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  • 894 Mitchell St Macon, GA, 31217, USA - Macon
    Citizen is reporting that the vacant lot at 894 Mitchell Street is vastly overgrown and is a hazard. The overgrowth is causing rodents and snakes to come on to her property which is next door at 886 Mitchell Street. It needs to be cleaned and cut immediately.
  • 4061 Napier Avenue Macon, GA - Macon
    Storm drain clogged at Napier and Britt, resident at 4061 Napier Ave. says flooding is coming from drain that is located behind property.
  • 941 Magnolia Street - Macon

    Unkempt yard and damage to house. This introduces insects like mosquitoes and cockroaches as well as rodents which then bring snakes into the surrounding properties.

    Looking for help to clean up the yard and make magnolia street and Macon a more welcoming place to be!

  • 3364 Roff Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    Illegally dumped items from household sofas, multiple mattresses, and house rehab debri, i.e. multiple sinks and commodes.
  • 2838 Gwinette Dr Macon 31204, United States - Macon
    Overgrown brush and grass blocks drivers’ ability to see oncoming traffic
  • 3190 Mercer University Dr Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon

    Excessive garbage in landscaping beds
    Excessive garbage in garbage enclosure
    Old Tires laying around
    Landscaping overgrown

    Above are creating rodent issues and not safe to public health

  • 2277 Jeff Davis Intersection Anthony Rd. Felton St. Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Over growth blocks clear view of left turn at the intersection. VERY Dangerous to make turn can't see on cominging traffic. DAY OR NIGHT.
    Immediate attention needed!
  • Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Macon GA 31201, United States - Macon
    MLK at Riverside Dr. northbound traffic lights need adjusting. Turn signals come on when no one is in that lane. And stay in a normal time before changing
  • Kenneth Dr Macon, GA, 31206, USA - Macon
    Since my friend doesn't have a computer she has asked me to report again the stuff that needs cleaning up, which was just cleaned up maybe a month or so ago. Shame a camera can't be set up to see who the folks are that are dumping their waste around this area.
  • 423 Steeplechase Macon, Georgia - Macon
    I watched the truck pick up my neighbor's and go completely pass mine. Also another neighbor at 420? I think was also miss -- you can see the trash in the container because it has no lid. Both were passed by. Someone needs to pick up so it's not attracting roaches and flies etc.
  • 780 Orange Terrace Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    Lee Street seems to be the only place that has parking available for residents on the surrounding streets. Most other places such as Orange Terrace has a limit on parking time and New Street has no parking as well as highland Terrace. I am asking that we look into adding additional parking and turning the road one way since employees and commuters going to and from work speed down the street at unsafe speeds. Can we please figure out some sort of parking solution for this area of Macon. please and thank you. #MaconWaves
  • 4161 San Carlos Dr Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Resident put cart out late. She was wondering if they could come back out.