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  • 261 Balkcom Ave Macon, GA, 31217, USA - Macon
    Junk car is occupying a public road near the intersection of Plumtree Street and Balkcom Avenue, blocking traffic in the north bound lane. As photo reveals, it has been abandoned so long that thick weeds have grown up around it. Equally embarrassing is that it is within sight of the border of the national park.
  • 3457 Habersham Ave Macon, Georgia - Macon
  • Lakeview Circle Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Advance Disposal is a HORRIBLE company to allow garbage. My garage hasn't been picked up in 2 weeks even though the container was at the curb in advance. I 'm a homeowner who pays for garbage pickup but it's not being picked up. Customers deserve a prorated bill if garbage isn't being picked up and it's making the neighborhood and city look unclean seeing all the trash around . There is also debris that has been blocking the road for a least a month on the street.
  • 401 Poplar St Macon 31201, United States - Macon

    This little walk way between the parking garage and the building that houses fresh produce has become overgrown and blocks the lights that have bulbs and have some lights that need new bulbs.

    It’s a safety concern at night

  • 700 Poplar St Macon 31201, United States - Macon
    Garbage can is split and top is coming off and the front bar is off
  • 2952 Paige Drive Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Garbage Cart is not being emptied completely. Trash is being left from one week to the next. A new can that is compatible with the new truck is needed to properly empty trash.
  • Evergreen Dr Macon, GA, 31206, USA - Macon
    Evergreen Drive & Purdue Street trees are blocking the view of oncoming cars.
  • Jeffersonville Rd & Morningside Dr Macon, GA, 31217, USA - Macon
    Ditch needs to be cleaned out and grass must be cut. Standing water. Pipe is crushed. Grass is so tall that you can not see on coming traffic.
  • 5000-5098 Romeiser Dr Macon, GA, 31206, USA - Macon
    Red light to turn left toward burger king is way off. You can literlly sit ther for well over 5 minutes. Most people go up and do a U turn and come back down the other side.
  • 2518 Pio Nono Ave Macon 31206 United States - Macon
    Grass needs to be cut and litter removed as needed in this shopping center. The picture was taken in the Pionono Avenue side of the shopping area
  • 615 Ivy Brook Way Macon, Georgia - Macon
  • 987 Cole St Macon, GA, 31201, USA - Macon
    The alley that runs from Spring St to Cole St and it runs behind my house. You sent a prison detail out here about 3 years ago to cut and clean it out and it hasn't been cut back since. There are snakes and other critters coming out and getting into my yard. Please come and cut and clean the debris from this alley asap.