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  • 428 Lafayette St New York, NY 10003 - Greenwich Village
    Every morning, FedEx trucks park in the bike lane and sort packages. This morning there were 5 trucks parked in the bike lane. This causes danger to cyclists who have to veer into traffic on this major bike route.
  • Houston @ Mott Strteet - Little Italy
    urgent...someone is intentionally destroying the street trees...this is the 2nd on, cut halfway through with a saw and ripped down...1st was at corner of Bond and Bowery. Please alert Police and Parks.
  • 300 Elizabeth St Manhattan, NY 10012, USA - Greenwich Village
  • 302 Bowery - Greenwich Village
    302 Bowery Patrica Fields a/c noise complaint. A/C located in the yard btwn Bowery & Elizabeth so loud you can't hear your TV 3 stories above ground flr. Needs to be repaired
  • E. Houston & Lafayette - Little Italy
    NYC Transit dig, no traffic enforcement on weekends, horn honking in the early hours, dangerous PED crosssing, No signage detouring traffic along the Houston Street,
  • 298 Elizabeth St Manhattan, NY 10012, USA - Greenwich Village

    We are neighbors facing into the backyard between Bowery and Elizabeth Street, below Bleecker have persistent noise problems with late-night parties in the 5th floor of 298 Elizabeth Street. The amplified music from these events is not the usual loud, it is WEAPONS-GRADE LOUD, blasting into the courtyard at a level equal to what an outdoor rock concert would use. We have asked them to at least shut their windows to contain the noise, but they seem unwilling to do this.

    How can we deal with this, civilly ....?

    PLEASE ADVISE and >>>

  • 2-4 Bleecker St Manhattan, NY 10012, USA - Greenwich Village
    Saxon and Parole have been broadcasting music over outdoor speakers into their sidewalk eating area for the last few weeks, but tonight it was blaring loudly when I turned the corner at Bleecker and Bowery around 6pm. The speakers are leftover from the former establishment, but I believe it is not permitted to broadcast onto the street in any case.
  • 16-2398 Cooper Square New York, NY 10003, USA - East Village
  • 2-4 Bleecker St New York, NY 10012, USA - Greenwich Village
    Saxon and Parole have now moved their speaker INSIDE the restaurant and have mounted it pointing out the door into their outdoor seating area. Music is still being broadcast out onto the street. You can hear it when you walk by.
  • 316 Bowery New York, NY 10012, USA - Greenwich Village
    Double Crown has 2 audio speakers mounted on the outside of the building, under their awning in the outdoor seating area. They are using them to broadcast the World Cup soundtrack out to the street, but I have also heard them being used to play music at night. This noise can be heard at the curb. Is it legal for businesses to broadcast with a device outside on the street?
  • 298 Elizabeth St Manhattan, NY 10012, USA - Greenwich Village
  • 292 Elizabeth St New York, NY 10012, USA - East Village
    311 noise complaint called in Easter Morning #C-1-1-740479296. Party started at midnight and ramped up at 6:30am. Called 9th Precinct and officers responded.