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  • W Sheffield And W Princeton Areas - Pontiac
    The dogs from @#$% have drawn first blood. The owner and the authorities have allowed these two dogs to run free and terrorize this neighborhood for years. Please protect you and yours, because they are malicious and will attack...(even if your yard is fenced). Don't be the next victim. They are deadly.
  • W Princeton Ave - Pontiac
    Long story short, when I got home yesterday, I found this 6 foot tall by 6 foot wide green box in front of my house. I am so angry because I felt that I lived in one of the few nice neighborhoods left in Pontiac. Now I have a graffiti target right in front of my house. I no longer can look out my front window because there is this huge utility box outside my window. I don't understand why they could not have put the equipment back in the ground where it was for the last 10 years or at least in a small box not to affect my property. I know that the economy is bad but with this new box blocking my house I would never be able to sell my house. This is not the house that I planned to die in.
  • Drug traffic Archived
    177 W Sheffield - Pontiac
    Longstanding problem with drug dealing at this address. Also problems with loose dogs illegal bonfires.
  • Drug Dealing Archived
    232 W Columbia - Pontiac
    Ongoing problems with drug dealing and other illegal activity at this address. The residents have a long history of causing problems everywhere they go.
  • 163 W. Yale Avenue 48340, USA - Pontiac
    It is not enough that the residents have to cut the grass and pick up trash themselves, we also have to clean up after the garbage trucks! Some one working on that truck dumped white paint from W. Yale and Baldwin clear down the street!
  • 77-81 W Princeton Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    There was a water line break here in the winter. A temporary patch was made but is caving in as well as the roadway to the west of this corner. Stanley & W. Princeton. It appears the water eroded the earth under the road and could collapse. This problem is still not fixed as of 10-25-12
  • 176 W Princeton Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    always parked in yard,across driveway or on wrong side of road.this kind of behavor is making our neighborhood look like the hood.once this idiot started doing this,other people on the street think they can too.they also work on cars in the back yard.all of this is against the city code.
  • 54 W Sheffield Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    Someone is walking around checking to see if car doors are open. Once they find an opened door, they go through your stuff.
    I accidently left my doors open and the next day I found that someone had been in.
  • 1201-1357 Hollywood Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
  • 50 W. Princeton Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    Please fix the very large sinkhole in the first block of W. Princeton as soon as possible. Safety hazzard!
  • Princeton Ave & Carlisle Pontiac, MI - Pontiac
    People continue to run stop signs. One driver ran the stop sign as a school bus sat at the corner and blew as they rode by. This happen as children were getting out of school. Someone is going to get hurt or killed.
  • 201 W Sheffield Pontiac, Michigan - Pontiac
    Dogs are put out in cage 4x4 maybe At 4,30pm left there till 10pm all kinds of weathere crying & barking .Have talk with dog pound & ower but it nothing helping dogs ..