Tim Brook

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I am a resident of Old Baucom Road near the
Rock Quarry Road Area and our neighborhood
is plagued with illegal dumping of appliances, furniture,
house hold debri, yard debri, etc.

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  • 1505 Duplin Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    The hill on Lewis Road from Brooks Avenue to Nottingham Road continues to affect our neighborhood. Traffic/speed here has increased and gotten worse over the last 5-10 years now to a point where it needs to be addressed before something bad happens. Cars speed down this hill where there are no sidewalks, many children, walkers and pets affected. Our intersection alone at Duplin Road and Lewis Farm Road houses over 18 children + the bus stop for Lacy Elementary. We need a 4 way stop solution before the school year starts and would appreciate any attention to this issue.
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    3404 Ruffin St Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade

    The people who live at 3404 Ruffin Street regularly park so that the sidewalk in front of their house is completely blocked. Pedestrians must actually go into the street to go around the car parked at the end of the driveway.

    They keep a boat on a trailer in their driveway and do not seem willing to arrange things so that they can pull their cars up far enough to avoid blocking the sidewalk.

    They are in clear violation of the parking rules listed at: https://www.raleighnc.gov/home/content/PWksParkingMgmt/Articles/ParkingFactsFaqs.html.

    In particular:

    May I park on a sidewalk?
    No. Even if a sidewalk crosses over a private driveway, no portion of any vehicle parked in the driveway can protrude into the sidewalk.

  • 123 West Park Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    Illegally parked vehicles on left side (median park side) of Park Dr making it difficult to see. There is only allowed parking along the curb. There are kids playing in the park and this is dangerous we can't see them as they run out in the street.
  • 2–126 Snow Ave Raleigh 27603, United States - Hillsborough
    There is a dumpster along Snow Ave for Cameron Court Apartments that is regularly overflowing with trash. Trash ends up on the street and birds and other animals get into it, pieces of trash, rotting food, etc are along the street. Homeless people dig through it and pull out stuff leaving torn bags on the street. Our community at 500 Saint Mary’s has he dumpster behind a wooden fence. I notice the Boylan does too. It should be compulsory. This is an eyesore and not something one would expect in our type of community. It’s appalling to have to see this and lowers the quality of life for the neighbors. Apparently Cameron Court has low life standards that just don’t fit in with our neighborhood.
  • 1513 Courtland Drive Raleigh North Carolina - Blount Corridor
    Courtland Drive is a one way street at the intersection of Courtland Dr. and Wake Forest Rd. Numerous vehicles continue to drive the wrong way on this oneway street. Extremely dangerous for vehicles legally turning left or right onto Courtland Dr. Drivers are illegally using the oneway street to exit to Wake Forest Rd. resulting in multiple collisions and near misses
  • 511 Cutler St Raleigh 27603, United States - Central
    Silver sedan, full of trash, reported 4/1/19 but no apparent action taken. This vehicle has now been in the same position for years. The owner lives at the address where the vehicle is located. Time to do something about this!
  • 715 Hardimont Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Falls Of Neuse
    Car for sale has been blocking bike lane for some time.
    Weekly, trash cans are left in the bike lane, blocking access.
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    408 E Hargett St Raleigh, North Carolina - Central
    On the East St. side of the Lincoln apartments, especially the north end of the block, there is a TON of dog feces in the mulch and some even in the cracks of the sidewalk. I called the leasing office and left a message a few days ago, but it hasn't been picked up yet. I would like the complex to make sure their tenants use bags to pick up poo - maybe they can provide a holder outside to encourage them to pick it up.
  • 100 North Person Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Blount Corridor
    Several times this summer, cars have parked on Person St. behind the governor's mansion before 9:00AM. Now it has happened 2 days in a row. Yesterday there was one at the corner of Person and Lane St. when I came through about 8:30. Today there were TWO of them in the same spot, and I came through by 8:25 at least. It's time for someone to start ticketing and towing these vehicles before there's an accident!
  • 2105 Cameron St Raleigh 27605, United States - Hillsborough
    I was hit by a rider on a bird Scooter on the sidewalk here at Cameron Village. She ran right into me as I was waiting to board the bus. The City of Raleigh told me to contact Bird. I’m confused why the City of Raleigh says they can’t do anything about a pedestrian being struck by a motorized vehicle illegally riding in the sidewalk? Bird told me to contact Raleigh, they could care less.
  • 1504 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    1. This property has weeds over 2' tall.
    2. Lots of trash on this property.
    3. There are bags of leaves and yard refuse that has been here for months on the Hillcrest side. They are fermenting and the bags are rotting they have been here so long.
  • N Boylan Ave & North St Raleigh, NC, 27603, USA - Hillsborough
    The trash dumpster is CONSTANTLY being moved back to the corner PASS the stop sign which blocks not only traffic pulling to the stop sign on North St but blocks your view of oncoming traffic on Boylan Ave.