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Watching issues created after: 2018-05-16

The city took down dead trees that had fallen in the street and sidewalk leaving large openings in the side walk 7 of them alone the block. This is an accident waiting to happen. (note the city planted those trees many years ago in the first place

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  • 624 N 37th St Philadelphia, PA, 19104, USA - Belmont
    There is a running hydrant outside my home from I’m guessing the water department, that has been left on and causing homes not to have any water flow what so ever.
  • N Woodstock St Philadelphia, PA, 19121, USA - North Central
    There squatters in the public housing home at 2335 n Woodstock st and at 2331 n Woodstock st
  • 8810 Cottage St Philadelphia, PA, 19136, USA - Holmesburg
    The street lights are out on the street it is really dark, I think it’s only one that is working
  • 5001 Irving St Philadelphia, PA, 19139, USA - Cobbs Creek
    The fire hydrant at the corner of 50th and Irving has an open cap and has been leaking for over a week.
  • Conrad St & Division St Philadelphia, PA, 19129, USA - East Falls
    This is not the first time a commercial tenant’s trash is left on the side of the street. I usually take the trash. But it’s time for this neighbor (who wants to build apartments on the vacant land) to start being a respectful neighbor. The commercial building has a dumpster. And has a property manager/renovator.
  • 8627 Agusta St Philadelphia 19152, United States - Rhawnhurst
    Unmarked trucks, no contractor signs.
    An addition being build front of house not to code of home area here.
  • 1007 S Bouvier St Philadelphia, PA, 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    There has been a hole for months. It has just been poorly repair. Asphalt thrown in there with lumps now that hole is back open. This is ridiculous. The city gets too much money (residential taxes) for this hole not being addressed for months and when it finally was addressed, the work was poor. THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED NOW!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gaul St & E Gordon St Philadelphia, PA, 19125, USA - Kensington
    There's a big hole in front of the new construction on Gaul street, looks like the street was dug up for some portion of the construction but not properly filled back in. Does anyone know who the developer is or who to contact to get it fixed its a mess.
  • 7210 Mccallum St Philadelphia, PA, 19119, USA - Mount Airy
    The fire department opened a fire hydrant at McCallum Street and Allens lane yesterday morning and it is still running as of this morning. This was already called into the water department yesterday.
  • 8613 Agusta St Philadelphia Pa - Rhawnhurst
    Dirty diapers/trash thrown on front patio. This is so discussing sanitation being flies.
  • W Walnut Ln & Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA, 19144, USA - Germantown
    Overgrown weeds and trash on the sidewalks, curbs and side street area.
  • E Airdrie St & Kensington Ave Philadelphia, PA, 19124, USA - Juniata Park-Feltonville
    Cap is on but water is still gushing out been that way all day yesterday now its 4am in the morning next day.