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Watching issues created after: 2018-05-16

The city took down dead trees that had fallen in the street and sidewalk leaving large openings in the side walk 7 of them alone the block. This is an accident waiting to happen. (note the city planted those trees many years ago in the first place

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  • 400 West Mount Pleasant Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Mount Airy
    Vacant, neglected lot with collapsing shack. Safety hazard to the children in the neighborhood. The shack at least should be leveled.
  • 8610 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Chestnut Hill
    A newspaper vendor is selling the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News from a portable news vending stand in the middle of Germantown Ave. between Bethlehem Pike and Evergreen Ave. He is usually there in the morning at 8am until about 10am. He has also posted advertisements to the utility poles and light standards along the 8600 block of Germantown Ave. This is clearly a traffic hazard. The man stands in middle of the street during some of the busiest traffic times of the day. The ads that he has posted and secured with plastic tie string are a violation of the city's ordinance which prohibit "bandit signs" or "Street Spam."
  • 2224 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19133, USA - Kensington
    2200 North Phillip Street 19133 Behind 2nd Street
  • 357 Tree St Philadelphia 19148, United States - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    Contractor keeps putting trash out now blocking sidewalk. Neighbors trash is not being removed due to his continued dumping. Owner should be aware that contractors is rude and disrespectful attitude towards neighbors and employee!
  • Philadelphia Archery And Gun Club 831 Ellsworth St, Philadelphia, PA, 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    This business continually puts out tons of trash, this past week it was 10 or more black trash bags, well before trash day. Neighbors have called the business but it keeps happening.
  • 827 Alter St Philadelphia, PA, 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    Covers on several drainage pipes along the sidewalk in front of 825 and 827 alter street are uncovered or broken and it is very dangerous for older people and dogs! THey are also uncovered across the street as well. I have put in numerous tickets for this to no avail.
  • Hyerant Open
    4527 Wilde St Philadelphia, PA, 19127, USA - Manayunk
    Hydrant is down on ground on the corner of Wiled St and Baldwin St hope you can help if so thanks
  • 3426 N Conrad St Philadelphia 19129, United States - East Falls
    Tenants of 3426 Conrad Street put their bulk trash on the curb rather than in their dumpsters. It does not get picked up by the city. It’s ugly. It’s disrespectful.
  • 1335 Reed St Philadelphia 19147, United States - Passyunk Square
    Yesterday this was left in front of my house and will be there the entire July 4 holiday weekend. Isn’t this illegal?
  • 1304 S Sixth St Philadelphia PA 19147, United States - Passyunk Square
    Urgent Safety Hazzard seniors, students, wheel chairs, on corner south east corner 6 the street, corner water drain city unit. Across the street northeastern one as well. Cement needed, cave in soon
  • Forbidden Drive Trl Philadelphia, PA, 19144, USA - Roxborough
    Camping and trash dumping have been occurring in Wissahickon Valley Park along the Wissahickon Creek, near the Lincoln Drive Trail (Wissahickon Bikeway). Also, trash has been dumped near the trail head at Ridge Avenue. This has been reported to Philly 311 #12945531.
  • Minerva St Philadelphia, PA, 19128, USA - Roxborough
    Many potholes have opened up on Minerva Street between Shawmont Avenue and Umbria Street. This is a repeating problem that requires a better solution than just temporarily filling the potholes.