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Watching issues created after: 2018-05-16

The city took down dead trees that had fallen in the street and sidewalk leaving large openings in the side walk 7 of them alone the block. This is an accident waiting to happen. (note the city planted those trees many years ago in the first place

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  • 427 W Hortter St Philadelphia, PA, 19119, USA - Mount Airy
    The white dotted divider line separating lanes on Lincoln Drive badly need repainting. It's a narrow and tricky road to drive and the absence of visible dividers for the 2 lanes of traffic going the same direction make it especially dangerous. Please any help fixing would help save lives.
  • 1335 Reed St Philadelphia 19147, United States - Passyunk Square
    Yesterday this was left in front of my house and will be there the entire July 4 holiday weekend. Isn’t this illegal?
  • Hyerant Open
    4527 Wilde St Philadelphia, PA, 19127, USA - Manayunk
    Hydrant is down on ground on the corner of Wiled St and Baldwin St hope you can help if so thanks
  • Manayunk Canal Towpath Philadelphia, PA, 19127, USA - Manayunk
    Several large tree branches have fallen and are hanging above the Manayunk Canal Path, near Cotton Street. This is behind the building near 4330 Main Street.
  • Forbidden Drive Trl Philadelphia, PA, 19144, USA - Roxborough
    01/26/2019 The Wissahickon Bikeway is flooded just below the Henry Avenue Bridge. A white drain pipe into the Wissahickon Creek is visible opposite the flooded area. This is a danger to all trail users, especially with the freezing temperatures.
  • Lincoln Dr Philadelphia, PA, 19144, USA - Roxborough
    01/26/2019 The guardrail separating the Wissahickon Bikeway from Lincoln Drive is missing. Considering the recent pair of motor vehicle crashes from Lincoln Drive into/alongside the nearby upper bikeway bridge, this is very dangerous for trail users.
  • giant hole Archived
    1515 S 15th St Philadelphia 19146, United States - Newbold neighborhood
    There has been a large amount of erosion under the pavement and in the hot weather the pavement collapsed under a neighbors van.
  • Philadelphia 19147 United States - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    No permit next year at Jefferson Sq 400 Washington ave, as half 5 gallon has, left open mingled with approximately 12 unsold trees, burnt drum used for warmth wood burning middle side walk and more hazards
  • 8613 Agusta St Philadelphia 19152 - Rhawnhurst
    Neighbors are so lazy/dirty throwing out trash/dirty bags out onto front steps from front door, not a pretty site. Poor sanitation bringing flies and germs.
  • 316 Daly St Philadelphia 19148, United States - Pennsport-Whitman-Queen
    In addition to his inconsiderate dumping, his truck and blocking parking spots, blocking walk ways, his abusive attitude, his truck is tearing up the street! People are falling! Kids are getting pebbles embedded in their skin. When is the city gonna do something! Neighbors are beyond furious!!! We have a ton of children on this block!
  • 2231 N Woodstock St Philadelphia, PA, 19132, USA - Strawberry Mansion
    Vacant house needs to be sealed because it is being used for illegal dumping and becoming a eye sore
  • Forbidden Drive Trl Philadelphia, PA, 19144, USA - Roxborough
    As of 04/14/2019, a large tree has fallen on and across the Wissahickon Bikeway. The tree is located downstream from the Henry Avenue bridge.