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The city took down dead trees that had fallen in the street and sidewalk leaving large openings in the side walk 7 of them alone the block. This is an accident waiting to happen. (note the city planted those trees many years ago in the first place


  • giant hole Archived
    1515 S 15th St Philadelphia 19146, United States - Newbold neighborhood
    There has been a large amount of erosion under the pavement and in the hot weather the pavement collapsed under a neighbors van.
  • 2231 Pemberton St Philadelphia, PA, 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest

    Trash Day is Monday. Today is Thursday.

    The Tenant has been warned that there are fines for non-compliance.

  • Forbidden Drive Trl Philadelphia, PA, 19144, USA - Roxborough
    01/26/2019 The Wissahickon Bikeway is flooded just below the Henry Avenue Bridge. A white drain pipe into the Wissahickon Creek is visible opposite the flooded area. This is a danger to all trail users, especially with the freezing temperatures.
  • Hyerant Open
    4527 Wilde St Philadelphia, PA, 19127, USA - Manayunk
    Hydrant is down on ground on the corner of Wiled St and Baldwin St hope you can help if so thanks
  • Manayunk Canal Towpath Philadelphia, PA, 19128, USA - Roxborough
    A large tree has fallen across the Manayunk Canal Path near Shawmont. The closest access point is from the end of Nixon Street, near Shawmont Avenue.
  • 1401 Jfk Boulevard Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Logan Square

    Several process flow and mis-information issues are present on the Philadelphia streets department website.

    - the sanitation site specifically accounts for the disposal of hazardous waste items when in reality their disposal is only allowed on specific days at specific locations. This issue has caused me to drive with hazardous waste to my sanitation Facility only to be turned away. I was kindly turned away, but the website cost me several hours and frustration. The sanitation attendant was aware of the issue and noted that many people have fallen victim to the same issue. The website needs to be updated to link to the hazardous waste event calandar. I attended the next hazardous waste disposal event and it was great, however the initial wasted time is easily avoided.

    - the municipal services building we site states their hours as 8 to 4:30. When I stopped in at 2:30 to apply for a dumpster permit I was turned away in a similar fashion as above. The issue this time being that the permit office only accepts people from 9-2pm so that they can process permits. Again, this mis-information wasted hours; traveling downtown, parking etc. The appropriate hours of operation should be published for each service rather than mis leading people. The front desk associate even mentioned that many people come in asking to apply for the same service and are turned away as I was.

    More broadly, issues that waste people's time, and resources and are the clear result of a lack of attention to detail, and appropriate proof reading cause in needed frustration and inspire people to circumvent the real process.

  • Hydrant Archived
    3147 Rorer St Philadelphia, PA, 19134, USA - Harrowgate
    Car hit the fire hydrant on rorer and Allegheny on the elementary school side it is toppled over it needs to be exchanged neighbors meeting are worried
  • 2144 Christian St Philadelphia 19146, United States - Schuylkill Southwest
    At 22nd and Christian there are 2 strong leaks and a third one on the south side of Christian that is much bigger. I was on hold for 15 minutes without being answered, so I had to end the call as my commute ended, but is there no way to email them?
  • 5425 Umbria Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Roxborough
    11/18/2018 Umbria Street bicycle lane is flooded.
    This is a recurring problem – refer to SeeClickFix issue #123583.
    This time the drain on the golf center side is apparently clogged.
  • 27 N Ruby Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Haddington-Carroll Park
    Vacant lot persons living in back of lot with three dogs dumping human waste and throwing dog feces over fences in lot. Men working on vacant house 30 N Ruby Street dumping material from cleaning out this house. When it rains this waste from bucket dumper is coming into my basement causing a horrible smell like someone when to the bathroom down these. This is horrible. Can someone please help I've reported this issue to 311 several time since last year 2017 and the issue hasn't solved.
  • 6569 North Lambert Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Oak Lane
    This Hydrant has been leaking for 2 weeks. We have been waiting for the Hydrant Unit from the water dept for 2 weeks. They have not resolved this issue. We have contacted the Fire Commisioners office, the Streets Dept, several state reps offices, the Mayors office and we’ve called 311. This is ridiculous, can this issue be addressed??
  • 3943 Constance Road Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Modena
    Unkept backyard with overgrown weeds towering and entering into my yard.