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Please have AACO PD monitor intersections with stop signs. Driving two grandchildren to school everyday, I witness many vehicles failing to stop. In the past week, I have had to stop suddenly three times because of people failing to stop at the stop sign in front of Cigarette Depot making a left to pull in front of Shoppers! I have seen accidents here before and I feel that some enforce is in order all over Brooklyn Park.

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  • 430 Church Street Baltimore MD - Brooklyn Park
    This house has turned into a blister over the years. There has been no change and nothing picked up or cleaned up. The roof is falling apart terribly on the garage and they have a tarp held down by bricks on their roof of their actual house that’s been there for years covering another hole or leak. There is nothing but trash, bins, trash cans, junk, and wild plants grown everywhere. Something has got to be done, such a nice community with yards well taken care of. Yet this one has stayed the same for years and has gotten worse. It’s a hazard to the people living in it and the community. Wild rats loving to live there and is a place that’s a huge risk for fires! Stuff lying everywhere. An abandoned pool as well. The main issue is the hazardous yard predicament and buildings (home & garage).
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    115 W Hilltop Rd Baltimore, MD 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    We need attention on alleys in the belle grove community all Allys are not passable without rats, weeds, debris, most children use these alleys because the streets are dangerous due to speeding cars. Another issue we've asked and petitioned for speed bumps with no responses? Please investigate these alleys . Otherwise I'll climb channels to have it done please and ty
  • 5344 Patrick Henry Dr Baltimore, MD 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    There is a neighbor at 5300 BLK Patrick Henry Dr. He is running a business out of his house where I assume he is cleaning up things. It is a white pick GMC pulling a trailer. The trailer has no tags on it. We have lived here a little over a year and had my 5th flat tire yesterday. We had to buy a brand new tire. I am not the only one with flat tires. We can prove that it is coming from his truck but it seems Iike Everytime he parks somewhere and we park close to it, we then get flat tires. He brings home anything and everything you can imagine. We have found nails, pieces of metal, concrete. It is getting out of hand. my car is a 2016 and I only have 14,000 miles on it and yesterday Mother's day I had to go by another tire. The truck and trailer is gone most of the time during the day. if there is a email address or phone number I can reach someone at. I have tons of pictures. Something has to be done. We live paycheck to paycheck and can't afford to replace tires. Please if someone can get a hold of me that would be great. Thank you!!
  • 5714 Magie St. Brooklyn Park, Maryland - Brooklyn Park
    Who in the county is responsible for maintaining Alley 59 between Moore & Magie Sts in Brooklyn Park? This alley is so overgrown with weeds and trees many of which are falling on power lines when BGE or other utilities are called to repair the damage they are not able to access the area with their trucks and they have to come thru the yards and weeds which are now rat infested due to the overgrowth. All of the other alleys in this area are weed free and drivable so they must be maintained by the county. I do not have a picture at this time but will resend this complaint tomorrow and include a picture.
  • 221 Old Riverside Road Brooklyn Park, MD 21225, United States of America - Brooklyn Park
    Trash and items throughout the yard rats are seen. This is the 3 request without something done ease assure someone comes out this time
  • Alley 27 Anne Arundel, Maryland - Brooklyn Park

    Alley 27 that runs behind Seward Avenue in Brooklyn Park has very high grass behind the row houses from about 440 through 430 Seward Avenue. This high grass is on the hill that is owned by anne arundel county. Some neighbors cut what they can but can't do all of it.

    Rodents must be nesting in there because there is still one laying in the alley. They could also be coming from the poorly kept business property directly behind it that has a lot of piles of wood and junk piled up.

  • 300 Seward Ave Brooklyn 21225, United States - Brooklyn Park
    Tent with homeless man living in it on the hill in the trees right behind residential homes. 4 year old reported seeing a man peeing near the tent. I do not feel safe in my home or in my backyard.
  • Bon Air Ave & Richie Hwy South Brooklyn Park Maryland - Brooklyn Park
    Hello. The retaining wall in the location is crumbling and falling into the street. It is just a matter of time before the wall completely crumbles, considering the extra wet season recently experienced in Maryland and continued erosion. Not to mention the foliage build up. The community, including the property owner of Cedar Hill florist need to know how we can go about repairing or replacing the wall? Funds in the amount of $8000 are available through private grants to help make this possible. Please inform us how we can go about beginning the project so that it can better reflect the modifications to the revitalization area of Northern Anne Arundel County. This is definitely a capital project that should be recognized on the corridor as there are enough areas that are not being handled in this district to complement and boost revitalization. The Arundel Gardens community needs to have their voices heard so that they can be a part of ongoing redevelopment.
  • 5708 Lowell St Brooklyn Park, MD 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    my neighbor at 5706 lowell st has her house up for sale and doesn't live here and doesn't have a for sale sign in the yard however she rents the basement out nightly to all out of state vehicles we have had our property stolen we have small children on this block that we dont want to see end up on a milk carton I have went to the police before and was sent to zoning, zoning sent me to permits and permits sent me to this app I won't stop til these people are at least vetted so we know who is coming and going I have watched prostitutes make and female visit this basement and I am sick of it!! please help
  • 5313 Wasena Ave Brooklyn, MD, 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    Rats are coming into my yard. My neighbor doesn't clean up dog feces and the yard is overgrown with grass and weeds.
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    116 W Hilltop Rd Brooklyn, MD, 21225, USA - Brooklyn Park
    This home has to untag vehicle sitting in the yard. A huge pile of improperly stored wood and trash and debris piled on the side of the house. Dog feces that is not cleaned up maybe once a month with two large dogs.
    This is not the first complaint with this house it’s been repeatedly over and over and over. We have a rat problem back in this area and this is the kind of things that contribute to it
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    Bon Air & Richie Hwy S Brooklyn Park, Maryland - Brooklyn Park


    there is a tree at this location which is obstructing a fire hydrant and lighting which illuminates this entrance. A safety concern has been risen many times in the past about being rear ended at this location, as well as inability to see parked cars as one is turning, as well as one way signage properly. In the past, the tree tas been trimmed, but it needs to be cut to a stump or removed completely please. the owner of the adjacent property at the lumber yard has been helpful with efforts in the past but it keeps coming back.

    thank you.