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  • 215 Avenida Madera Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    Car being parked illegally and illegal advertising on public property. Sarasota passed an ordinance about this pizza owner doing this. Please enforce the rules equally. Stop giving him a free pass.
  • 344 Canal Rd Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    This rental property has garbage put out almost every Saturday or Sunday. Garbage pick up is only Wednesday. A disgrace for the neighborhood!
  • Broken Egg 140 Avenida Messina Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    At corner of Avenda Messina and Avenida Navarra are Newspaper stands. Irresponsible people keep using the empty Ticket newspaper stand as a garbage can. The Ticket doesn’t use it so why not just remove it. Maybe that will stop this bad behavior.
  • Sign in ROW Archived
    5141 Ocean Blvd Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    Solorzano’s Pizza sign on the public sidewalk again. He puts it out at night when he wants foot traffic from the beach club bar. Hopefully Sarasota County will do it’s job and fine him $250 each time he puts it there as they are now required to do. Or does he get a free pass because Code Enforcement is afraid of him and his shenanigans.
  • 100 Beach Rd Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    Street flooding caused by the man-made dunes planted in front of county beach access #3 at Columbus Blvd and Beach Road on Siesta Key is causing flooding of access, pulling oils onto the beach, and leading to the drowning of nearby turtle nests. Likewise, the volleyball net on beach (lands held in trust by the state under mean high tide line) during turtle nesting season violates multiple laws and seriously endangers our wildlife.
  • Code Enforcement Acknowledged
    513 Givens St Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    513 Givens St has over 8 tables around the outside of the house and a huge totem pole with fence out to the road with planters in the road. Removed the beautiful banyan tree from out front without a permit. Dough flipping gnome that lives in the house won’t follow any rules. Sarasota please do your job and enforce the county codes!!!
  • 604 Avenida De Mayo Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    These illegal short term rentals (AirBNB, VRBO) is still at it with the new homeowner allowing a ghetto like property in the neighborhood. The past homeowner, Chad Wates, is listed as the Host booking all the short term illegal rentals. When is it going to stop Sarasota County? Your allowing the landscape of this neighborhood to turn into garbage with dirty conditions, unruly transients and no concern for 1 month rental restrictions. You have the Castle House on the same street doing the same thing with garbage out days in advance and you have 633 Avenida de Mayo doing illegal short term rentals also WITH the homeowner making that end of the street looking like a mess with Guests parking their golf carts on the lawn. Ghetto. Ask any of the neighbors on that street, Calle de Peru and on our street, Avenida del Norte. We want our neighborhood and its homeowners to follow the 1 month restrictions of 1 month rentals. These homeowners have other full time residences and use these homes as write-off's. Please make them adhere to the Code's and Enforce them. Living here for 18 years and its turning into a Rat hole and they don't care so we need you Sarasota county.
  • 5235 Calle De Costa Rica Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    This property has almost always garbage at the curb, they never even remove the empty cans to the back. And most of the time, as seen on the photo right now, there is lots of garbage at the curb long before pick up day. Photo is taken on Saturday, garbage pick up is Wednesday. What a disgrace for the neighborhood.
  • 6300 Midnight Pass Rd Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    Traffic doesn’t move at speed limit. 10 mph under. Very frustrating.
  • Avenida Navarra & Beach Rd Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    I am wondering if i can fill beach access 4 with either sand from the beach or out sourced. We are behind the village and have many tourist unable to access the beach because of neglected flooded access. These tourist pay good money and support not only this island and county with a 5 % tax but also the state with a 7% tax. I believe it is the right of this county to give them justice as going to the beach is there number one reason of traveling to siesta key. For the sake of Siesta Key Village, would you allow me to fill up this swamp of a path. If not can you guys fill it up. It scares me to see tourist slipping on the access due to the mud.
    With regards,
  • 582 Commonwealth Ln Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    Silt fence is down allowing fill dirt to wash into street, storm water drains and Grand Canal. Multiple complaints about this reoccurring issue
  • 622 Avenida De Mayo Sarasota, FL, 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    This home has an open violation, because it has an illegal ground level apartment, which is against FEMA regulations. The illegal apartment is still advertised on VRBO Why is this not enforced? Not only is this apartment illegal, this owner is using a single family home as a 2-unit home and is renting it as an illegal transient rental. Why is there no enforcement on a huge violation like this?