Fruitville Sarasota, Florida Area

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  • 600 Mangrove Point Rd Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    Hi, there are several children pedestrians walking along Heigl and Mangrove Point intersection due to the fact that there are multiple bus stops and the elementary school. There is currently no side walk or designated walking area. It’s quite dangerous as there are bushes blocking vehicles and the roads are very busy. How can we, families, get a sidewalk installed in this area? Thank you
  • Columbus Boulevard Sarasota Beach, FL 34242, United States of America - Siesta Key
    Manhole collapsed
  • 4937 Oxford Dr Siesta Key, FL 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    Street sweeper just swept road but the street is still covered in dirt. sweeper did not get to edge of road or sweep around the citcle.
  • Code Enforcement Acknowledged
    513 Givens St Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    513 Givens St has over 8 tables around the outside of the house and a huge totem pole with fence out to the road with planters in the road. Removed the beautiful banyan tree from out front without a permit. Dough flipping gnome that lives in the house won’t follow any rules. Sarasota please do your job and enforce the county codes!!!
  • 604 Avenida De Mayo Sarasota, Florida - Siesta Key
    Once again Chad defies the county, the commissioners as well as the neighborhood residents that live here full time. Thanksgiving weekend provided another pay day for him with over 10 people and 5 cars in his illegal duplex (now a tri-plex) . When is all this going to end!!!
  • 4431 Ocean Blvd Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    A car went off the road and into the ditch in front of our house spilling gasoline and oil into the water. I am also worried that it could be a fire hazard due to the petroleum floating on the water.
  • 2–98 Beach Rd Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    While on turtle watch last night, We got you to live by mosquitoes… Small ones in the large marsh ones
  • 100 Avenida Messina Siesta Key, Florida - Siesta Key
    So I reported that people were using the empty Ticket news rack for a trash can. Walked by there today and this is how they remedied the problem - they emptied the trash onto the ground. I suggest you remove the abandoned news rack and put a trash can there. PLEASE!!!!!
  • 604 Avenida De Mayo Sarasota, Florida - Siesta Key
    Once again this past weekend 604 was filled with 5 cars and at least 10 illegal weekend renters... Every event and non event on the Key inspires Mr Waites to continue to break the law with no end in sight. When is it going to end??? He obviously does not care about who he offends, threatens and how it affects our neighborhood. Maybe someday the county will do something about his illegal activities that effect our neighborhood.
  • 60 Avenida Veneccia Siesta Key, FL 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    They destroyed all signs having to do with no parking. If to stupid to understand no parking then maybe time to gate the neighborhood.
  • Other Archived
    329 Avenida De Mayo Sarasota, Florida - Siesta Key
    Grass is continually left uncut at the commercial property
  • 4559–4573 Midnight Pass Rd Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    Trim or remove Brazilian peppers… Clean bike path and sidewalk. Implement maintenance schedule, If County happened to not budget enough employees for this scope of work, Why not implement chain gang.. Regardless, A proactive maintenance schedule needed. Thank you kindly