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  • 408 Lincoln Road East Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    bums set up camp in parking area across from starbucks. they are there every day. I'm sure you will respond "it's caltrans property we can't do anything blah blah blah... It is breaking the law in Vallejo city limits. Put on your big boy pants and clean this crap up!
  • 656 Benicia Rd Vallejo 94591, United States - Vallejo

    Benicia Rd just east of I-80. Homeless encampment has grown to unaccounted level. Trash and debris all around the area.

    Unsafe for customers of the local businesses.

  • 201 Lincoln Road West Valle, California - Vallejo
    Vagrants, trash, bikes, under west side of Magazine St overpass, on the other side as well at times.
    In the past they have threatened and intimidated passerby as well as throwing items.
    Clear encampment, then completely Fence off area under overpass.
    Every problem has a solution, we need to keep pressure on city officials to solve this problem.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    826 Steffan Street Vallejo California - Vallejo

    The person at 826 Steffan. Vallejo has dumped used brick from his backyard into the alley behind his house, (Officially Park St., now referred to as Obama Alley.) He has also deposited three very large tree limbs from trees he has previously taken down, in front of his house. I cleaned the alley prior to our Obama Alley Yard Sale the day before. (This is also an easement for Steffan Manor School.) This neighbor has always been incensed since we have this sale next to his property. He has become violent and threatened me and others, and I believe is as danger to the community. He is very often inebriated, and is just edging for a fight.

    Today I have found he as shifted all the debris against my rear fence, and gate, making It impassable. The items I had behind my house where neatly stored, and since has bee miliciously strewn about my property. The leaves in question came from the trees he had previously cutdown. I had raked the majority of them, and disposed of them in mine, and my other neighbors yard waste containers. (with their permission.) I will be submitting a report to the city of the dumping violation, but what I am really concerned with is when we have a confrontation, I would like the police to be present, to make sure he doesn't get out of control. (He also has two aggressive pit bull dogs on his property, which he also sometimes unleashes.) I also have witnesses to his behavior, other sellers from the yard sale, who can verify to his aggressive attitude.

    I would like to file charges to his dumping, and scattering of my property behind my residence, and the piling of it behind my gate. I have informed him this is a public access point, and is not deemed as private property.
    I have been a law abiding citizen of Vallejo for over fifteen years, and have tried to better my community, and think that I, and our city deserve more respect, from his behavior.

    Please contact me, (707) 649-9750, as what I can do to remedy this.

    David Yerzy

  • Other Archived
    2901 Irwin St Vallejo Ca - Vallejo
    This little Chevy truck has homeless people living in it .... urine and feces are everywhere in the gutter on passenger side!! Please remove them, they are parked on the side of the address provided on Annette Ave side of home
  • 27-37 14th Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Lately there’s been more than one vehicle parked on the side of 13th st with trash thrown everywhere, fights between the homeless have happened and even when the school gets out there yelling at the kids that have to walk past. They’re coming on to my property to take stuff. I’ve caught it on security cameras the last few weeks.
    One car has two dogs tied to the front of it sitting outside in the sun and just piles of trash on it.
  • Irwin And Oakwood Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    homeless encampment started 3 days a go,
    there a house trailer left on the street , people dumping trash all over street where kids pass by daily to school
  • 407 Carlson St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    On the corner of Winchester and Porter St. an abandoned white car has been parked in the same location for months the front tire loooks like its not on correctly. The homeless dope addict use it to do there drugs and to sleep in. The police were parked behind the car anout a weekk ago but as of today it still sits here. i have kids and for them ti discard the syrings into the gutter is not a good place. They have there luggage sitting in front of the car like its the thing to do. On the opposite side of the street is a PT cruiser that also has been abandoned. This vehicle has been sitting for at least 6 months. The police had to have notice but failed to take action. i bet if this was in a white neighborhood it would have been towed away. We want the same consideration that they give to other neighborhood. Just by looking at either one of the vechiles you can see that they have not been moved in 72 hours.
  • 5 Spruce St Vallejo, CA, 94591, USA - Vallejo
    Please investigate and remove homeless people encamped across the street from #5 Spruce Street, Vallejo. There is tons of garbage and they are taking over. The brush and weeds need to be cut down also
  • 601 Steffan Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    I reported this on 10-9-18 and it was closed. NOTHING has been done. I took this picture 10-16-18 in the afternoon. The whole area is infested with scumbags and residents personal safety is risky. COV get your s*** together and clean up Steffan Manor and Lincoln Rd East from The Granite store all the way to Benicia Rd
  • 416 Lincoln Road East Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Bums living on city sidewalk in front of fenced off lot between Mcdonalds and roach motel.
  • 1077 Magazine Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Homeless under east and west side of Magazine Street Bridge