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  • Flowing Wells AZ - Flowing Wells
    Called in by anonymous customer the light timing. She said it took her 17 minutes to get f/m La Cholla to Hwy Drive to I-10 on Ruthrauff Rd. When she was on Ruthrauff Rd She said the traffic was backed up due to the lights timing that needs to be recalibrated f/m La Cholla To Hwy Dr.
  • 2384 West Rau River Road Tucson, AZ - Flowing Wells
    N Isle of View Lane & Curtis (the first turn into La Cholla crossing neighborhood west of La Cholla
  • 5105 N La Cholla Blvd Tucson, AZ, 85705, USA - Flowing Wells
  • Road Grading Archived
    2758 West Curtis Road Tucson, AZ - Flowing Wells
    Constituent requests grading of dirt easement on the west side of the QuikMart on Curtis road due to potholes.
  • 4602 North Pomona Avenue Tucson, AZ - Flowing Wells
    Large hedge on the north side of Bitter Orange St at Pomona Ave that blocks vision when turning.
  • Field Review Archived
    Flowing Wells AZ - Flowing Wells
    Please schedule Adult Probation to pick up 2 large foam cushions & a 3X3 Table top that is missing the table legs. The table top is small but is very heavy located at the NW corner of Sullinger Av @ Ruthraff Rd. The debris was thrown inside the County ROW on Saturday morning.
  • 2484 West Diamond Street Tucson, AZ - Flowing Wells
    Trim vegetation on the side of property on corner of Diamond St and Kain Av
  • 5200 North Isle Of View Lane Tucson, AZ - Flowing Wells
    "Pothole Repairs - The cross streets are W Curtis Rd and N Isle of View Ln. In front of the house at 5200 N Isle of View Ln, Tucson AZ 85705. There are a couple pretty large potholes on the corner of the cross streets. When it rains they are hidden from view and when
    the water dries up they look a little bigger each time. Water tends to pool
    right there on the corner."
  • 5200 North Isle Of View Lane Tucson, AZ - Flowing Wells

    Huge Puddle that doesnt Drain, and is causing Potholes: There is a large lake that forms on the county property at the entrance of La Cholla Crossing community (at Isle of View Lane). The Puddle has caused significant potholes in the entry way that can cause damage to vehicles coming into the neighborhood. Residents of the neighborhood have learned that this condition exists (there has been water in this area consistently since November when I moved in), and as a result, they make a very wide turn into the neighborhood. This causes a dangerous situation (people are forced to come in line with oncoming traffic of residents exiting the neighborhood).

    In addition to this, the puddle will become a breeding ground for mosquitos, which are natural carriers of contagious diseases.

    This area is both a safety concern, as well as a concern for public health.

    Please let me know if there is anything you can do to address this issue. Thanks

  • 1218 W Roger Rd Tucson 85705, United States - Flowing Wells
    There are at least 20 potholes on the eastbound lane on Roger between Fairview and Flowing Wells Rd. It is dangerous when there are cyclist and other traffic and cars are trying to drive
    around the potholes to avoid damage to their cars. The same situation exists on the westbound lane on Roger. Any attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  • 4831 North Jay Avenue Tucson, AZ - Flowing Wells
    2 long, skinny potholes where Jay Avenue meets Noreen Street. Constituent worries about a collision hazard as drivers are driving on the incorrect side of the road when turning.
  • Field Review Archived
    Flowing Wells AZ - Flowing Wells
    A crash was reported this morning at the SE corner of Ruthrauff and La Cholla, which destroyed bus shelter and damaged the concrete pad.