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  • 3 Parkwood Drive Colonie, NY 12205, USA - Colonie
    This is just one of the many crosswalks that were replaced during the Route 5 reconstructions of a few years ago. We have seen this issue many times in Getting There with promises from DOT to fix the issues, but they are just purring in poorly-done patches in the intersections. This one in particular is in a spot where your left tire goes right over it every time you turn from Central Ave (westbound) onto Parkwood Drive. I'd like DOT to admit the material they used in the first place was faulty and to tear up these crosswalks and replace them with proper material so they do not crumble within only a couple of short years.
  • 1823 New York 5 Colonie, NY 12205, USA - Colonie
    The new, fake red brick crosswalk on Central Ave in the Village of Colonie, at Vly Road is falling apart already. It started breaking apart about 10 days ago. A square section approximately 15 inches across is now missing. So much for DOT's new 'fancier', 'cobble-stone look' crosswalks!
  • 1816 Central Ave Colonie, NY 12205, USA - Colonie
    As mentioned in todays paper, this hole has been there for 3 weeks and only gets bigger. Plus there are pieces of broken red-brick over the roadway.
  • Interstate 87 Colonie, NY 12205, USA - Colonie
    Would a Single Point Urban Interchange do well at this location? The land that is left over can be turned "green" and used to buffer the noise and polutant from traffic.
  • 23 Valley Rd Colonie, NY 12205, USA - Colonie
    This narrow, winding road has an elementary school, a daycare center and a church/family center on it. It's lined with houses, is within easy walking distance from the stores on Central. It gets a lot of cut-through traffic from Watervliet Shaker to Central, mostly traveling at 45 mph. For the life of me, I can't figure out why it doesn't already have sidewalks!
  • Huge Pothole Archived
    1489-1499 Central Avenue Colonie, New York - Colonie
    It's right underneath the bridge on Central when you make that right off Wolf Road getting on 87S. There are orange cones (if that is what you call them) but they are not over the giant hole. There is a big pile of gravel but it does not cover the huge hole that I ran over and thought half my car fell off. I have NEVER ran over anything this big before and I really hope it has not damaged my car.
  • 506 Sand Creek Rd Colonie, NY 12205, USA - Colonie
    There is a relatively new traffic light at this intersection, which I understand was somewhat controversial when it was isntalled. Either way, recently the road was repaved, an though they did leave a gap in the double yellow line, there is not line telling you where to stop when the light is red. This wouldn't normally be a problem, but whoever painted the lines didn't break the double yellow until nearly under the traffic light. If you use that as a guide, you'll be way too far into the intersection. Further, visually, it doesn't really feel like your are traveling through an intersection, as there are 30 other side streets in this stretch and the light is almost always green. It would be an easy one to run, if you're not paying attention.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    462-474 Sand Creek Rd Colonie, NY 12205, USA - Colonie
    east bound, Sand Creek Rd., turning right lane onto Wolf Rd., Adjacent to Mobil Station.
  • 7 Lincoln Avenue Albany, NY - Colonie
    Holes in wall & windows / low heat
  • 1545 Central Ave Colonie, NY 12205, USA - Colonie
    There are times when this traffic light turns green for about 2 seconds and turns red immediately. There are other times when the light going straight through is turning red and turns green again before the turning lane even gets to turn.
  • Adirondack Northway Colonie, NY 12205, USA - Colonie
    There is a large bump in the road on I-87 south bound, right before the exit for I-90, across the to left most lanes. It is quite jarring when driven over at 55 mph.
  • Osborne Road Albany, NY 12205 - Colonie
    Since I have lived in the area of Osborne Road (between Albany Shaker and Sand Creek Roads) for a very long time, I have seen the deterioration of this section of Osborne Road. I literally (when safe to do so of course), have had to drive partially in the opposite lane to avoid hitting the manhole covers that are sinking into the road, it takes a lot of wear on cars when dodging uneven surfaces and as mentioned the manhole covers! Is Osborne Road ever going to get fixed/re-surfaced/re-paved, etc?