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  • 185 Harper Road Southeast Atlanta, Georgia - Swallow Circle/Baywood
    Previously cited private uninhabited property continues to be a public dumping ground. Was cleaned up by Atlanta citizens during a volunteer community effort in November. Once again it has been dumped upon.
  • 411–661 Mcgill Pl Ne Atlanta 30312, United States - 330 McGill Place

    Reopening ticket as I’m seeing numerous adjoining units report this. Our building is definitely prone to roof rats. Northwest came yesterday (fifth time since we first reported this issue).

    Second visit the guys sealed a hole under the eaves between our unit and the neighboring one. Third visit they came and pulled out 3-4 rats. We continued to hear at least one more. We could hear it in the ceiling and in the walls and had reason to believe it might have found a way to get under our dishwasher and to the dogs dish. The fourth visit they sealed a hole under the sink in the basement bathroom and set more traps. This was right before Christmas.

    We hadn’t heard much for the past week or so, but then heard them again a couple nights back. NW came today and found traps untouched and no new holes. The technician suggested perhaps it was coming through the attic fan, but that’s pretty tricky. I mentioned that neighbors had been reporting sounds as well, and he said it could be that they found a way to move between units despite firewalls. He said in ATL it’s more often than not going to be rats, and they do chew through drywall and whatever else is in their way. Might be helpful to have NW do a full building inspection for additional holes.

  • 189 Adair Ave Se Atlanta 30315, United States - Lakewood Heights
  • 462 Candler Park Dr Ne Atlanta 30307, United States - Candler Park
    Overgrowth is starting to obscure the crosswalk sign as well as obstructing pedestrians and cars from seeing the one another when trying to cross on this Mary Lin walking route.
  • 1981 Conrad Ave Se Atlanta 30315, United States - Lakewood Heights
  • 1941 Compton Dr Se Atlanta 30315, United States - Lakewood Heights
  • 410–660 Mcgill Pl Ne Atlanta 30312, United States - 330 McGill Place
    Although I initially reported this on January 21, I am still, at this moment, experiencing the same loud scratching noise in the attic above the area of my bedroom/living room wall. Although the occurrence has not been daily since first reporting this, it does occur in 2 day cycles.
  • 1660 Perry Blvd Nw Atlanta 30318, United States - West Highlands
  • Marietta Blvd Nw @ Rice St Nw Atlanta, GA 30318, USA - Knight Park/Howell Station
    so, seems there is more patch than road here. very rough to drive on. so many holes... please fix!
  • 768 Mcgill Pl Ne Atlanta, GA 30312, USA - 330 McGill Place
    Clean out gutters unit 544, including by bay window.
  • 1207 Lyndale Dr Se ATLANTA, Georgia - Atlanta
    1207 Lyndale Drive SE 30316 has a large pothole and it appears to be on the Atlanta side of the line. I've been trying to get Dekalb See Click Fix to do just that for about 2 years now. Since the second house just got built across the street enormous delivery trucks have made it about 40" across and 5" deep. Its special.
  • 1705 Adolphus Ave Ne Atlanta 30307, United States - Lake Claire