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Watching issues created after: 2018-06-06

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  • 185 Harper Rd Se Atlanta, Georgia - Swallow Circle/Baywood
    Illegal dumping in the lot and adjacent lot
  • 724 Mcgill Pl Ne Atlanta 30312 United States - 330 McGill Place
    Small and large roaches inside unit
  • 1603 Lakewood Ave Se Atlanta, GA 30315, USA - South Atlanta
    Left when they moved
  • 614 Mcgill Pl Ne Atlanta 30312 United States - 330 McGill Place
    Apparently the landscaping crew thought it was acceptable to blow tons of leaves and debris all over my back patio after I had just cleaned it thoroughly. It is a complete wreck back here.
  • 201 Adair Ave Se Atlanta 30315, United States - Lakewood Heights
  • 585 Candler Park Dr Ne Atlanta 30307, United States - Candler Park
    The platform here has collapsed. Needs repair.
  • 672 Mcgill Pl Ne Atlanta 30312, United States - 330 McGill Place
    Broken piece on siding on deck of unit 364. Also a piece of wood rotting on deck below railing (pic in comments).
  • 556 Mcgill Place Northeast Atlanta, GA - 330 McGill Place
    I have some paint that needs to be touched up on my front door and patio door. It is peeling off. I also have wood rot near the front door that needs to be replaced. Lastly, the column on the exterior patio has some holes that need to be patched and then painted.
  • 479–515 Central Park Pl Ne Atlanta 30308, United States - 330 McGill Place
    Check for possible roof leak, there is a spot on my ceiling in the living room, which might be coming from the chimney area where the townhouses have had issues before.
  • 672 Mcgill Pl Ne Atlanta 30312, United States - 330 McGill Place
    Light out in breezeway
  • 333 Angier Avenue Northeast Atlanta, GA - 330 McGill Place
    Repair Unit 626 balcony/patio balusters and railings.
  • 626 Mcgill Place Northeast Atlanta, GA - 330 McGill Place
    Good morning, we were awakened by noises last night we were not accustomed to hearing here in our quite community. We know something was in the attic/crawlspace just wasn't sure what. When the sun finally came up we were able to see that we have a gutter that has come unattached from the condo and it looks to have rotted the is a sizable hole and the squirrels have made it their new home. We would appreciate this being taken care of ASAP. I've attached pictures of the hole and also other photos of some wood damage on the balconies that need attention and the dryer vent that needs to be cleaned out it's pretty full of lint. Please feel free to call me. Thank you in advance for you attention to this matter.