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189 Mainsail Way Huntsville AL 35824
The grass needs mowing hazard area!

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  • Behind 1200 Towne Creek Place Northwest Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    The sidewalk connecting Indian Creek Greenway and the MidTowne on the Park neighborhood is grown over with surrounding weeds. I'm curious who is responsible for this area- the city or the HOA?
  • 908 Southeast California Street Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    The tennis courts at California Street Park need some attention. Leaves and debris stay on the courts year round. Mud washes onto the courts during heavy rain. The asphalt path from the parking lot has been raised by tree roots creating a tripping hazard. A simple fix for the courts would be to have the landscaping crew blow them off each time they mow the surrounding grass area.
  • 1500 Savannah Ct Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    City closed Issue ID: 4992603 on 10-31 even though as the complaint stated "Earth on both sides of Savannah Ct have caved in where contractor for AT&T installed cable lines. No telling if the ground under the road is also missing so road may begin to collapse as well." Dirt but no grass seed or sod was put on the north side of Savannah Ct but nothing was done about the south side which continues to sink. Why are they not responsible for fixing both sides since they damaged both sides?
  • 7502 Whitesburg Dr Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville

    It appears the City isn’t going to do anything about making AT&T, WOW, Comcast, Google and the other cable companies follow the CATV agreement with the City.

    Since issue ID: 5019397 was closed by the City the majority of the items mention in that complaint are still open –

    Old utility pole ▶ Acknowledged
    Issue ID:4966248 501 Mountain Gap Rd Se
    Reported: on 09/30/2018
    Huntsville Information Technology Services (Verified Official)
    Yes, the Information Technology Services group is aware of this request. So that you are aware this is not an isolated situation, there are numerous old poles throughout the city that have yet to be removed as they are waiting for communications companies to move their lines to the new poles. The issue is one where the work must be performed sequentially from top to bottom according to which company is attached closest to the electric lines. If the top attachment is not removed then the others cannot perform their work. We are working closely with Huntsville Utilities to resolve the situation with the communications companies.
    10/17/2018 · Flag
    Complaint is still open.

    Internet Cable Running Across Road
    1009 Fieldstone Ct. Se
    Issue ID: 4892968 ACKNOWLEDGED
    Huntsville Information Technology Services (Verified Official)
    WOW has been reminded again to take care of this situation.
    Information Technology Services
    09/21/2018 · Flag
    Complaint is still open.

    Cable left unburied across driveway
    1002 Kennesaw Drive
    Issue ID: 4075445
    Reported: on 01/29/2018
    Huntsville Engineering (Verified Official)
    We are sorry for that inconvenience, but it is completely up to the service provider as to when they will come back and bury the line. Do you know who the cable belongs to?
    02/01/2018 · Flag
    Complaint is still open

    Power pole falling over
    7500 Whitesburg Dr
    Issue ID: 4731845
    Reported: on 07/28/2018
    Huntsville Information Technology Services (Verified Official)
    All four communications companies, CenturyLink, Comcast, WOW and AT&T attached to this and another old pole in front of the neighboring address to the south have been notified again.
    Thank you for your concern,
    Information Technology Services
    08/10/2018 · Flag
    Complaint is still open

    Ground sinking where AT&T installed cable
    Bailey Cove Rd & Savannah Ct
    Issue ID: 4992603
    Reported: on 10/07/2018
    CLOSED Huntsville Information Technology Services (Verified Official)
    AT&T has filled the hole by the sidewalk, this request is now closed.
    Information Technology Services
    10/31/2018 · Flag
    Since AT&T only bothered to “fix” (by fixing they dumped dirt in the hole no grass seed or sod) one side of the street where the ground was caving in next to the sidewalk another complaint had to be put in since the job was not done . Also there was no mention of what if anything AT&T did about checking about the condition of the road after they dug under Savannah Ct.
    Since original complaint was closed, a new one was entered Issue # 5076183 Reported: on 10/31/2018 to get the other side of Savanah Ct fixed. City’s response : ACKNOWLEDGED Huntsville Engineering (Verified Official)
    We have notified our ITS department for review of this issue and they are in contact with AT&T. They will respond as soon as possible.
    Why did ITS close the complaint in the first place when it clearly wasn’t fixed?

    The only problem which was fixed (Thank you) was the broken pole at 10103 Todd Mill which was removed. If the City can get the cable companies to quickly move on this new complaint, why can’t the City get them to move on the old complaints?

    Why were none of the questions asked in complaint #5019397 answered? Such as why is the agreement the City has with the CATV owners not enforced? Why do citizens have to call the cable companies to get them to move their lines? Why are complaints closed when nothing has been done to fix the problem in the complaint? Why do departments transfer the complaint from department to department? Why is AT&T allowed to keep their non-functioning equipment in the ground instead of removing it? (green cover in photo attached to this complaint has a Bell Systems logo on it. Bell Systems broke up in 1984) Why are the cable companies not made to remove the cables they cut instead of leaving them hanging from overhead lines or coiled up on the ground or hanging from the poles?

    On Issue ID: 5019397 the Mayor’s office wrote “We understand that this is an issue throughout the City and are currently working on policies and procedures to address those problems. If you see specific poles that are considered dangerous, please identify those individually so that they may be addressed. Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention and we sincerely appreciate your patience while we continue to work diligently on a solution. Thank you, Your Huntsville Connect Customer Service Team
    10/30/2018 · Flag”.
    Citizens have reported specific poles but nothing is being done about getting the cable companies to fix the problems or removing their now useless cable lines.

    Not receiving responses to emails I sent to Bill Steiner and Trey Riley, I finally received a response from City administrator John Hamilton concerning the above questions. In December 2017 Hamilton wrote “Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. We have been working with several of our departments, as well as Huntsville Utilities, to address the issues noted in your letter. We agree that changes need to be made to our franchise agreements and we will continue to be proactive and work with these companies on a long-term resolution. We do expect it will take an extended period of time to fully solve these issues but rest assured that we are and will continue to work on them. We appreciate your concern.”
    How long is “extended” to the City? Some complaints (closed with nothing being done about them) are a couple of years old. What is the City’s definition of proactive?

  • Other Archived
    220 Teakwood Dr Sw Huntsville 35801, United States - Huntsville
    Obviously, See, Click, Fox doesn’t want to see the the yard damage caused by the contracted cable installers on our street because they will not allow the picture to upload. However, if you come to my house at 220 Teakwood you will see a good ATV jump as the rest of the yard is flat but where the contracted company dug there is a substantial mound with previously cut grass placed. There is no way the yard crew can cut the grass. I was told the contract was to replace the property as it was prior to digging. This is not the case. The installers have decimated the yards. So I need to know whom to send that yard portion of the property tax and insurance pro-rata to?
  • 15011 Greentree Trl Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    An orange cable wire has been left un buried for over 6 months by I believe WOW cable. It is across road, down side and across grass.
  • 2352–2398 9th St Sw Huntsville 35805, United States - Huntsville
    9th Ave and 9th street. Ankle twister holes , needs repaired Also grass. Weeds all up and down needed edged off
  • 1313 Cannstatt Drive Southeast Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    The google fiber utility contractors dug up a section of sidewalk east of the Weatherly Heights Elementary parking lot. The sidewalk has been replaced, but they left a big mess around the sidewalk. There's no grass around the sidewalk and the mud and dirt is eroding away.
  • 4802 Wainscott Rd Se Owens Cross Roads, AL, 35763, USA - Huntsville

    The strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street was dug up by the city late last year when our subdivision had natural gas installed. The strip was sod that matched the rest of my 15-year-old well-tended, healthy lawn. When the city left, the area was filled in with dirt and rocks instead of replacing the sod as per our HOA’s agreement with them.

    Please advise how I must proceed to get the damage repaired.


    Marsha Gillis

  • 10001-10019 Willow Cove Rd Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    Another problem caused by a Telcom contractor - driving their truck through the grass on the S side of Weatherly E of Willow Cove Rd has left deep ruts in the grass and mud covering the sidewalk.
  • 10000-10098 Hogan Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    Water stands on the section of sidewalk on the S side of Weatherly just E of Hogan Dr. Due to a retaining wall beside the sidewalk you have to walk in the grass between the road and wall.
  • 10000 Bailey Cove Road Southeast Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Broken sidewalk and grass growing on sidewalk from dirt across it on the W side of Bailey Cove just S of the gas station's driveway.