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I am Concerned about a great neighborhood that has gotten out of control a once wonderful and Beautiful town that is turning into a little chester , there are more rental than home ownership , and section 8 housing , crime rate growing , WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS ONCE BEAUTIFUL SECRET OF DELAWARE COUNTY

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  • State Highway 452 Linwood, PA 19061, USA - Marcus Hook
    The bridge on Route 452, crossing the railroad tracks, from Marcus Hook to Linwood is in terrible need of repair! There are huge rocks and slabs of concrete falling below it. Rather than fix it, they posted signs warning you about the falling rocks!!! Crazy!
  • W 2nd Street - Marcus Hook
    Man walking thru 2nd street going onto peoples porches and stealing cigarettes out of peoples ashtrays. Kids playing in parking lot throwing iceballs and kids should be playing in ht eparking lot......park right across the street
  • 1015 Green St Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - Marcus Hook
    Stop the people that run the red light and block both sides of Green Streets.
  • Marcus Hook PA, USA - Marcus Hook
    Way too many kids out after curfew in Marketplace parking lot. Also kids riding bikes going to get hurt by cars flying thru there.
  • nasty Open
    Chestnut St Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - Marcus Hook
    This house is disgusting,they have there little poo up all year long with green water bugs flying all over the place....the yard is always dirty and filthy
  • 43 Pine St Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - Marcus Hook
    Saw several drugs deals go down on the porch of the Apt building thats forsale on Pine.
  • 1124 Green St Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - Marcus Hook
    green street has several residents selling pain pills. One lives across the street from the mayor
  • trash Archived
    Maiden Ln Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - Marcus Hook
    This area is covered with trash, plus the end row home just leaves any of their trash sit where they throw it. The whole street is a pig pen, dirty diapers, etc.
  • Chestnut St Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA - Marcus Hook
    nast house toys thrown all over the yard!!!!!!!!! Clean it up!!!!
  • Marcus Hook PA, USA - Marcus Hook
    Do we really need an easter egg hunt? Isnt there something else we can put money towards?? C'mon,, people....let's get Hook cleaned up!!! We need a community day(S) to to clean and paint!!!!
    We need the kids AFRAID of the cops....not bad mouthing them. We need to get the addicts out of many little kids and seniors which cant afford to get robbed. We dont need tickets for stickers....we need fines for parents not watching their kids!!! Kids have no respect for adults.....can I go on?? Its a nice little town.....if landlords cant keep up with propertys, GET OUT!!!!
    Section 8 has to Delaware if you have a kids over age 3, you have to go to school.....if you dont you get the boot. If you cant walk out and pick up after your kids and clean your yard,, GET OUT!!!!! If you have 10 kids in your yard, you are responsble for all their actions....Parking lots should be for parking. not playgrounds...We need to clean up Hook...anyone interested in getting a clean up committee, let me know. Respond to this. Has anybody done anythign for a Senior lately? Thanks
  • Market Street - Marcus Hook
    All over near the end of Market Street. Near the Memorial park. Cant sit outside. Its horrible.
  • United States - Marcus Hook
    the big rigs following GPS to get to Walnut an pine for the Business that are back there are coming down Yates to Chestnut to get to walnut but have to back up all the way out risking damage to car's an injuring small children who play out in the street , Police have been called numerous times to help signs need to be posted an sign's posted at the Hook an Trainer border showing the entrance to the Business