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  • 252 High St Randolph, MA - Randolph
  • 252 Mill Streeet RANDOLPH, MA - Randolph
    small trunk, small end table, resin rocker chair
  • 19 Linden Park Dr Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Lawn furniture needs to be pick up.
  • Other Archived
    Train Station At Centre St Randolph, Massachusetts - Holbrook
    Left arrow and other bulbs are out on the Randolph facing side near the Mear Rd.
  • Other Archived
    640 N. Main St Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    At least two of the green lights are out on the side heading toward the center of town. Not sure about any other lights.
  • Pothole Archived
    146 N Main St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph

    Large sink hole that has been repaired several times by the DPW.

    Needs to be dug up filled with gravel ,tamped down and repaved.

  • Other Archived
    Belcher Park Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    Trash dumped by the dumpster by the soccer field, a large dump bag left by the dumpster and a large amount of trash behind the dumpster
  • 12 Dyer Avenue RANDOLPH, MA - Randolph
  • Pothole Archived
    13-13 School St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Local govt. must focus on local issues like this pothole that hasn't been filled all summer. Please address. Thank you.
  • 16 Liberty St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    There is a cap in the sidewalk for a water pipe that is bubbling water upwards and as such is wasting water. I would call the DPW or the water dept but they do not have any sort of answering machine or service and listening to the phone ring during business hours (M-F) for longer than five minutes makes me question whether anyone ever really answers their calls....
    Please address this leak and pretty please let residents know if flushing will occur as we will need bottled water if it is brown during the flushing.
  • 6a Ledge Hill St Randolph 02368 United States - Randolph
    1 queen mattress pick up
  • 50 Christopher Rd Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Furniture - coffee table, dining table chairs and kitchen cabinet