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Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • Pothole Archived
    Pine Ave And Blakely Cir Randolph - Randolph
    Pot hole in middle of the road
  • 47-99 Christopher Rd Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    More Dumping - Trash
  • 287 Oak Street Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    Homeowner at 287 Oak Street continues to buy and resell large military trucks which are on display in front yard. This neighborhood is zoned for residential not business. This business mars the entire neighborhood -- hurting property values for all neighbors on Oak and across the Town.
  • 80 Grove St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    The trash barrel sitting by a stone bench on the paved path between Grove Street and West Street is missing. This barrel was sitting near the Grove Street end.
  • 12 Lisa Rd Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Can this sign be replaced so it matches the one at the corner of Oak Grove Road and Grove Street please?
  • 80 Lafayette St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    There are some wires hanging down from the telephone pole In front of 80 Lafayette st Randolph.
  • 13 Short St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Dumpster continues to overflow into the parking lot. Discarded food , boxes etc.
  • Other Archived
    59 Orchard St Randolph 02368, United States - Randolph
    Our water has been cloudy for months now. We have heard it is just air bubbles in the line, but now there is an odor and taste to this so called air in the lines. It is time we get to the bottom of this and fix it.
  • 430 North St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Would it be possible to add or move the yield sign that is at the right fork, on North and Liberty? Too many drivers ignore the sign that is on the right of the road when other vehicles are turning left from North. I almost was creamed on Monday night by two vehicles behind me as I was going right at the fork, they were going right as well. There was vehicle turning left, I slowed down to yield to them, but saw the vehicles behind me right on my tail, so I pulled over so as not to be hit by the cars behind me. The two cars went around me while the car that had turned left, waited. We need a more visible sign, too many drivers just don't know the rules of the road and there are too many accidents in this area. A left turn signal should also be put on North/Liberty. Can't turn left during the evening rush.
  • Other Archived
    88 Pond Ln Randolph 02368, United States - Randolph
    Hanging wire
  • 36 Reynolds Ave Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    I had to laugh when I read the insert that was mailed with the census. In part, one of the noted policies was "no overnight street parking between 2am-6am" This house has at least two cars every night parked like this. Does money collected for parking go to the Town or does it go to the state or other entity? If this goes to the town, than the town would benefit from this and it would provide money to roads appropriately without having to make bad decisions on road repairs for lack of money. It also could be that there is no incentive for policing (which the Police have a tremendous load on their plate already) but the collection of this could go a long way in bringing on parking enforcers who would be able to patrol the town during these hours. This is throwing money away and it's not right. Where is the benefit to the homeowner who is trying to improve his/her lot when you allow this to continue? Make it so that when people hear about Randolph, they know that bad practices will not be tolerated. In some towns, you know you can't park overnight-there are public parking areas if there is not enough parking for that person. The town is losing money and it shouldn't. Provide an incentive for policing and enforce the policy.
  • West St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    some idiot left 2 TV's at the dog park entrance. can someone pick them up before the people that sit there and smoke pot and drink decide to break them for fun. Thank you