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  • 27 Mt Pleasant Sq Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    The new owners of this house continue to park on their lawn despite receiving a warning from the compliance officer. Can fines please be daily issued? They are parking over gas lines that are marked and most likely damaging them as the cars are causing deep grooves from daily violation of this town bylaw.
  • 32 Morse St Randolph 02368 United States - Randolph
    Does anyone know when the trench next to my house on Morse Street will be filled in? I am having guests over soon.
  • 344 N Main St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    garbage ; all parking lot has fish containers ---lottery tickets masks-virius covers lot - starting at west st.
  • 389-399 Highland Ave Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Town owned lot at the end of Highland is overgrown. All the signs are hidden.
  • 19 Cole Ter Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Still have no water pressure. Was suppose to be fixed by 9 p.m. last night. Any updates?
  • 47 Concetta Sass Drive Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    every time I came from work on most days there is always one or 2 cars parked at the curb of the road where I pass to go to my drive way . I almost bump into a black sedan car yesterday If it is not that, it is a big grey van speeding up in our area.
    As far as I recall our neighborhood is a street not a highway.
    I left a message for officer Donley , safety officer for the Randolph police to alert him.
  • 80 Grove St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    The trash barrel sitting by a stone bench on the paved path between Grove Street and West Street is missing. This barrel was sitting near the Grove Street end.
  • West St Randolph MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Piles and barrels of wood, lumber, tvs, appliances etc .All increasing mosquito and rodent activity in the area.
    Overgrown invasive weeds spreading and a decaying tree causing a potential hazard to the utility lines and surrounding properties
  • Highland Ave Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Is there construction blasting going on in the area of Highland Avenue and Stoughton Street? For the past 2-ish weeks there has been what sounds like blasting that shakes my house as well as others. There have been posts on FB, but I wanted to reach out directly to a town official.
  • 287 Oak Street Randolph, Massachusetts - Randolph
    Homeowner at 287 Oak Street continues to buy and resell large military trucks which are on display in front yard. This neighborhood is zoned for residential not business. This business mars the entire neighborhood -- hurting property values for all neighbors on Oak and across the Town.
  • 26 Michelle Ln Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    This has been an issue since a couple of years ago when a tree fell into the lines and pulled the pole forward and anchor out. Several service people said this is extremely dangerous and National Grid needs to take care of it. Many said they were calling it in, including other national grid people during the storm but they never fixed it. There are kids around here and this is extremely dangerous to everyone around. Please call to have this taken care of because they haven't listened to any of us.
  • 40 Cross St Randolph 02368, United States - Randolph
    Trash piled up as well as vehicles parking on the front lawn. Code Enforcement has previously stated a warning was issued and the case/complaint was closed. Since the warning nothing has changed other than the occupants of the home now parking both vehicle on the lawn. At what point does the town take a stand and begin to process daily fines for non compliance of the by laws?? This is just one of many homes in town that need attention by both Code Enforcement and possible the board of health.